3 Tips to ensure your wood flooring lasts longer

Date Posted: 3 March 2020

Here are three ways to keep your wood flooring looking brand new for longer.

All well-made and properly installed wood floor shows that you care about your home or business. These tips will help you to keep a long lasting and high quality wood flooring.

The Supplier

As you probably know, if you buy a low quality and cheap product you are going to end up with some pretty bad results.


That’s why at Wood Floor Planet; we provide useful advice to both contractors and architects around the US territories; from the time we have started in this business more than 30 years by now!

The Contractor (Installation)

You might have the highest quality wood floor on the market; but if it isn’t installed correctly you will have the same poor results as you would have had with an inferior wood floor.

Wood Floor Planet Inc., is a floor company that thrives on exceeding customer satisfaction to the highest degree.
We have a team of highly professional individuals that are experts in all aspects of wood floor installations and applications.

The Maintenance

Once you have the perfect floor; with materials supplied from Wood Floor Planet Inc and installation done by a recommended contractor; it’s important to make sure your floor lasts and looks good.

The best way to care for your wood floor after installation is to use the products recommended by the manufacturer; to help repair any scuffs and scratches. One of the cleaning systems developed for the experts in hardwood floor care is the Bona Deep Clean System. Please contact Wood Floor Planet for more information on Bona and other innovative cleaning solutions.

We aim to provide you with the best products for cleaning and maintaining your wood flooring, whether in your home or a commercial property.

Wood Floor Planet

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