Mirage Flooring

Mirage Flooring for Your Wood Floor Needs

Mirage flooring proves to be one of the most popular and highly recommended hardwood brands in the US, specially in New York City. In fact, Mirage flooring comes with different wood collections made from selected and high quality wood species, allowing you to get that opportunity to pick something that will best match your personal taste.

Installing Mirage floor in your home is a good decision alright and this has been proven by thousands and thousands of wood enthusiasts. Its versatility works best for many different types of applications such as in homes, offices, commercial spaces, and many others. It offers a great deal of inspiration, making your place truly outstanding and looks like no other.

Mirage Floor actually comes with various collections which are perfect for different applications. These collections include:

  •  Classic (Solid Wood)
  • Mirage Engineered (Engineered)
  •  Herringbone (Patterned woods)
  • Mirage Lock (Glue-less engineered woods)


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