Green floor: Take care of the environment!

Date Posted: 6 June 2022

Take care of the environment by choosing a green floor

We present a more ecological and healthy alternative for the environment: a green floor!

Generally when we install our floor most of the time we choose hardwood floors; without thinking about the ecological damage we cause.

That is why we present a more ecological and healthy alternative for the environment.

Bamboo known to have faster regeneration than a tree because where trees can take decades to grow bamboo takes about five years to restore. Once the bamboo has been harvested; the root of the bamboo grass is not damaged so it can self-regenerate meaning that it does not need to be re-planted like trees.

Bamboo grows quickly and naturally in its native environment so there is no need for fertiliser or irrigation systems
Bamboo forests are never harvested all at once; ensuring that there are abundant and healthy crops ready for harvest each year
Bamboo forests are carefully harvested by hand to ensure there is no damage or harm to the surrounding environment.

The aforementioned are ecological features; but you may wonder what benefit they will have in your home:

Resistant to abrasion, chemicals and stains, fire, bleeding and oiling. In addition, they prevent electrostatics.

Another favorable feature of bamboo floors is that they can be installed in a very short time; this being very convenient, since it comes ready and finished, there is no need to polish; sand and give additional finishes such as wood, which take up a lot of time, up to months for its installation.

Once installed, it can be nailed or glued down. Except for the above, bamboo flooring has better grain and is more elegant and graceful than hardwood flooring.

If you are one of the people who wants to take care of the environment; this option for your home is the best.
And even better than that are the professionals at WOOD FLOOR PLANET who will achieve an impeccable finish on your new ecological floor. Do not hesitate and contact us them now.


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