DuChateau Floors

What are DuChateau Floors?

They are half-timbered floors of holland. These amazing products display the popular styles in Europe that were in demand hundreds of years ago. For homeowners who want their homes to showcase classic choices; there is nothing better than antique reproductions from DuChateau

That time-worn look (Antique)

The charm of antique floors is undeniable.

The old fans do not need to look for the right materials for floors, as these are designed to manifest the unique appearance of old floors. Every single piece of Duchateau floors has that all-natural hard-wax oiled finish to ensure longevity. They look genuinely old; designed to retain this much celebrated appearance for many years to come.

Philosophy of DuChateau floor’s creation

The people behind DuChateau floors are hardworking and dedicated craftsmen. They manufacture textured hardwood floors inspired by a philosophy passed on from the pioneers of the company. The creation of the grain patterns that are evident in every centimeter of the DuChateau floors requires a lot of investment of art. In addition; the company is making use of the latest manufacturing procedures to ensure durability and reliability.

Making DuChateau floors involves design and production, and for many years the company has been a leader in the hardwood flooring niche. The manufacturing team also employs methods that are friendly to the environment. To manufacture high quality products; the DuChateau floors that leave the factory guarantee the satisfaction of the strict requirements of the customers.


Available DuChateau floors for your perusal

Unique hardwood floors crafted by experienced masters are available from DuChateau floors. There are many products available for the perusal of customers. A quick view of the website will reveal a number of fabulous hardwood DuChateau floors collections such as the Vernal Collection; the Heritage Timber Edition, the Vintage Remains Collection, the Fine Sawn Collection; the New Classics Collection, the Chateau Collection, the Terra Collection, the Palais Collection, and the Riverstone Collection.

There are also many textured surfaces to choose from. The techniques used by the company, are carry out to achieve the textures that customers looking for. These techniques include hand scraping, wire brushing, and distressing which are effective in achieving the old or reclaimed look.

The company has learned through the years what customers are looking for and they have done their best to respond to the high demand for artistic and high performance with outstanding DuChateau floors. Homeowners who are looking for flooring options to achieve an aged interior don’t need to look any further.

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