Duchateau Signature

The people behind DuChateau Signature floors are hardworking and dedicated craftsmen. They manufacture textured hardwood floors inspired by a philosophy passed on from the pioneers of the company.

The creation of the grain patterns that are evident in every centimeter; of the DuChateau floors requires a lot of investment of art. In addition, the company is making use of the latest manufacturing procedures to ensure durability and reliability.

Making DuChateau Signature floors involves design and production, and for many years the company has been a leader in the hardwood flooring niche.

The manufacturing team also employs methods that are friendly to the environment. To manufacture high quality products; the DuChateau floors that leave the factory guarantee the satisfaction of the strict requirements of the customers.

The floor DuChateau

A floor is so much more than just something to walk on. The floor, with the walls and ceiling, contributes the room’s fundamental feel.

When designing your home, you should perhaps consider the floor first. The floor is the base – whilst you can always repaint walls and ceiling, the floor is of a more permanent nature.

The appearance of the floor, i.e. the colour, surface, pattern and hardness, can vary a lot between different wood species.

DuChateau committed to creating a hardwood flooring product that performs well in any climate; while not compromising the environment or the air quality of a home or business. With as long a history of innovation and quality as DuChateau has; its no wonder theyre consider the godfathers of engineered hardwood.


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