Piet Boon

We have joined forces with the team at Studio Piet Boon; to put together a collection consisting of 5 different types of floor available in 7 exclusive subdued ‘Studio Piet Boon’ colours.

The timeless and harmonious Studio Piet Boon style; can be created with these colours in every interior. All the floors in the balanced collection can be used within every interior and can be combined particularly well within one and the same room.

Apart from the standard designs and patterns; also offers a unique opportunity to the customers to create their own flooring design. They offer you Flooring patterns to choose from with variety of colour options.

The flooring design that you create is displayed online. You can also view your flooring design in a more natural setting like that of a living room. This helps the customers to use their own creativity and come up with patterns; that would suit their home or workplace the best.

They also have a floor advisor that helps in narrowing down the name of available product that matches your colour, finish and collection specifications.

For people you love designer labels, Solidfloor has teamed up with Piet Boon to come up with styles and patterns that are different from the regular patterns. Solidfloor has a broad range of offers that fulfill each and every customers wish.

Is the most sustainable, safe and standard wooden flooring brand that would suit each and every customer’s needs and budget.



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