Kahrs Engineered

When it comes to sustainable hardwood flooring, Kahrs are the engineers behind the design.

When choosing a hardwood floor

 The floor is one of the most important elements when you want to create a certain style in your home. A hardwood floor is both beautiful and pleasant to walk on. The appearance, feel, color and maintenance you prefer should be the main points of consideration for your choice of flooring.

The floor and the room

floor – walls – ceiling: the three fundamental elements that together create the room’s feel. The interaction between these three surfaces can change the overall impression, depending on the choice of colours, patterns, lighting, etc.

In fact, Kahrs created the first floating floor, which, because of its design; helped reduce the affects of humidity in hardwood flooring. Based in Sweden, Kahrs creates flooring that can handle the extremes in weather the country encounters, from hot, damp summers to cold, dry winters.

The Kahrs hardwood flooring line adapts to these temperature changes, and is non-toxic and solvent free.

Well in any climate

Kahrs remains committed to creating a hardwood flooring product that performs well in any climate, while not compromising the environment or the air quality of a home or business.

With as long a history of innovation and quality as Kahrs has, its no wonder theyre consider the godfathers of engineered hardwood.

The floor creates the room’s base, weight and character, and it is also the basis for the other elements, including the choice of furniture and other decor. The floor is where fashion and style meet function.


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