Terra Legno Engineered

Unique hardwood floors crafted by experienced masters are available from Terra Legno Engineered floors. There are many products available for the perusal of customers.

The floor is the foundation

A floor is so much more than just something to walk on. The floor, with the walls and ceiling, contributes the room’s fundamental feel.

When designing your home, you should perhaps consider the floor first. The floor is the base – whilst you can always repaint walls and ceiling, the floor is of a more permanent nature.

The appearance of the floor, i.e. the colour, surface, pattern and hardness, can vary a lot between different wood species.

From light, calm Birch or Maple, through Oak and Beech, to dark and vibrant Walnut or Jarrah.

Find out as much as you possibly can about different species and what they can mean for you in your home.

Your floor sets the mood.

What wood floor colour should I choose?

Light, dark or natural? The colour of the floor has a strong impact on how the room is perceived. A dark floor “swallows” a lot of light, but it also creates a sense of warmth and cosiness. A light wood floor reflects the light and adds space to the room.



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