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When deciding on wood flooring for your home or business; you want to purchase it from a company that is an expert in the field. Live is one of the newest technologies in the flooring coating business. Many types of wood can be chosen, as well as the plethora of installation choices, putting the customer in a possible position for disaster. Boen Wood Flooring has been creating the design and architectural wonders with their large stock of fashionable flooring. From the new age to the historical feel, Boen has an option that will fit your style perfectly.

When browsing Boen’s website you have several choices on what type of assistance you need to find the right flooring for you. You may choose to take the survey to see what kind of style you are looking for in your home; which will match you with some of the newest flooring available. You may also browse the search area which provides you with over eighty-five wood flooring options. Whichever way you choose, you are bound to find the perfect option to fit your style.

In addition to the actual flooring, Boen offers four different lacquer options to keep your floors shiny, protected, and to bring out their individual intricacies. In these options, you will also find Boen’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. The cleaning options below will help you keep the flooring you chose to fit your style, healthy and looking brand new for years.

Live Pure

Live Pure is one of the newest technologies in the flooring coating business. Applying this product to your wood during installation will provide an ultra matt finish. Your wood will look untreated but will have the protection against UV rays, dust, water damage, and chemicals. When applying the finish, if the directions are fully followed, no other treatment is needed.

Live Matt

Live Matt is applied in a six coat process that leaves your wood looking as if they had just been oiled. This product protects from scratching, chemicals, water, and more. The installation process is rather simple, and the product comes with direct instructions.

Live Satin

Live Satin is also applied in a six coat system but is created for high wear and tear. The product is UV cured and provides strength and protection with a light satin finish. Live Satin also is user-friendly and does not emit any obnoxious vapors or odors.

Live Naturally

Was created with all natural materials including sunflower, soybean, and thistle oils, and natural waxes. The wood is saturated with the oils through a two-step program and a natural drying process. The wood is pre-treated with this oil and is usable as soon as it is installed. This product also protects against physical dangers such as water damage better than the competition.

The oils discussed can come pretreated on your flooring choice or purchased separately to apply to the wood flooring you already have. Make sure to go through the whole process when choosing the product in order to find the flooring that is similar to your activities, style, and decorative choices. When using these oils be careful and follow all instructions and safety procedures.

At Wood Floor Planet you are able to order all Boen flooring and products, with locations in Manhattan, NY and Weehawken NJ you can stop in for a free consultation on all Boen products among all other flooring major brands. We serve Manhattan and all New York City Boroughs, as well as, Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City and Fort Lee NJ. Visit us at

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