Somerset Floors

Somerset is one of North America’s Largest Suppliers of Kiln-Dried Appalachian Hardwoods. The quality Appalachian lumber from which we manufacture Somerset flooring is supplied by our Somerset Wood Products division.

The majority of the Appalachian timber processed at Somerset Wood Products; comes from nearly 120 sawmill suppliers within a 150-mile radius of our plants. Our “waste-not” philosophy and commitment to our natural resources starts here, where even the bark of the tree is used for mulch—in fact the entire tree is put to use throughout our manufacturing processes.

For homeowners who want their homes to showcase classic choices, there is nothing better than reproductions from Somerset.

Unique hardwood floors crafted by experienced; masters are available from floors. There are many products available for the perusal of customers. Every single piece of Somerset floors has natural finish to ensure longevity. They look genuinely; designed to retain this much celebrated appearance for many years to come.

There are also many textured surfaces to choose from. The techniques used by the company; are carry out to achieve the textures that customers looking for. These techniques include hand scraping, wire brushing, and distressing which are effective in achieving the old or reclaimed look.

The company has learned through the years what customers are looking for and they have done their best to respond to the high demand for artistic high performance.

Floors that are as beautiful as they are easy to look after.


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