Our Newest Line of Flooring: Panaget

Wood Floor Planet is proud to announce that we are now carrying a premier line of flooring from France called Panaget. This high quality flooring choice comes in many different colors from light to dark shades with the option to add heat or reversible heat. We carry the option to purchase flooring with oil finish, satin varnish, or a matte look to meet whatever style needs you are looking for in your dream space. Our location carries the installation kits and backing for under the flooring to add a softer element when you walk across it.

The best part about choosing this particular flooring is that the timber comes from sustainable forests and is one hundred percent environmentally friendly. Panaget wood comes from forests in northeastern France that is hand selected by certified, expert buyers that carry a certification from PEFC that showcases a commitment to sustainable forestry and preserving Earth’s natural resources for later generations.

Natural wood flooring is beautiful because each piece is unique based upon the grain of the wood from each individual log that is taken in at the sawmill and cut to a fixed length and thickness. The incredibly skilled design team at Panaget designs each piece to be excellently crafted and of the highest caliber.

The company has been in business since 1929 so many lessons have been learned and an expert level of producing the highest quality of flooring has been reached. Panaget flooring engineers know to let the wood pre dry for six to eight weeks in order to reach a uniform level of moisture between twenty five and thirty percent in order to give customers the best product. Some of the woods only need to be dried for three to four weeks in temperatures around sixty seven degrees Celsius in order to get rid of any wood boring insects that may have gotten into the wood during transport. Because the wood is allowed to dry for so long, harmful chemicals don’t have to be used and we are able to get the moisture content down to less than seven percent for the final product that gets shipped out.

Our process for drying the wood products is environmentally friendly because we use the excess wood shavings and sawdust from processing the wood planks in our timber dryers. So, we recycle our own waste in house to save costs that can be passed onto the consumer and operate a more environmentally friendly company.

Panaget fully complies with the highest level of quality standards called ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and have done so since 2001. Each piece is quality inspected by quality inspectors. Flooring tiles are sold from this company too and each tile is handcrafted by skilled artisans so each tile is uniquely beautiful.

The wood flooring from Panaget is treated with seven coats of non-toxic varnishes so you know that this product is safe for your family and is maximum quality, durability, and spill resistance.

Panaget is passionate about wood flooring and producing the highest quality product using the most environmentally friendly processes available. We encourage you to check out our newest line of wood flooring and try out a sample piece for yourself.

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