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Hardwood Flooring Bronx, New York. Wood Floor Planet offer special prices for flooring contractors.

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We at Wood Floor Planet define better or best quality by simply looking at our products and the things that affect them during their lifetime. We take time asking people around, particularly our customers about the things that affect their buying decisions. Most of the things which we commonly discuss with our customers include their specific goals, their desires, and of course the kind of budget they have. At Wood Floor Planet, we can easily help point out the best products that suit all your needs.

Get the Best Assurance from Wood Floor Planet Because of Our Wide Range of Experience!

For everyone out there looking for a reliable entity wherein they can get the best products and services, most of them would often look for the experience of a particular provider. At Wood Floor Planet, you are assured that you’ll not only get the best products but the best services as well in terms of hardwood flooring. As a matter of fact, we at Wood Floor Planet have had more than 25 years of significant experience in selling nothing but the finest quality wood floors and providing the best services such as in the installation and refinishing of wood floors. This makes you think that we are actually experienced, knowledgeable, and expert when it comes to the different types of wood floors such as: • Solid • Engineered • Exotic • Domestic • Hand-scraped • Laminated • Environmental green • Pre-finished • Unfinished • Herringbone • Parquet • Wide Plank Flooring • Rift and Quartered Sawn and more.

With the wide array of wood floors we offer, you will get the assurance that Wood Floor Planet is simply amazing and the best of its class. Take time to look for other providers and definitely you’ll find them to be incomparable to us! We Offer the Best Design & Architectural Projects, too!

This holds true in the sense that we provide remarkable and useful advises to both suppliers and architects around the US territories from the time we have started in this business. As a matter of fact, we even made it possible to give useful pieces of advice to professional interior designers and from us they made their job results end up with flying colors! We also take pride in providing hardwood floors in the Tri-State region for more than 25 years now!

So if you think you want somebody who’s experienced enough and get supreme results in your construction projects, there is no sense in turning yourself from us! We will definitely help you choose the right, proper, and appropriate flooring for your place. Like what we said, we don’t only provide the best products but the best services as well. So if you happen to be looking for someone to install your desired hardwood floors, Wood Floor Planet would take care of everything. Our knowledgeable and friendly services are great as we only employ the best installation technicians around!

Do You Want Custom Flooring? Take it From Us!

We believe in individuality and no two people are alike. Thus, this simply means that the choice of one person may differ largely to the choice of the other. In this regard, we also dedicate our time in creating custom milled and special orders. We at Wood Floor Planet take pride in our custom floor enhancements such as the following: • Floors • Medallions • Inlays • Borders

These products we offer are significantly made from the different types of selected wood species made into different sizes, widths, and custom lengths. With our custom milled products, we can absolutely say that every product we offer is a “Flooring for Every Lifestyle.” We are more than willing and happy to answer any questions from you specifically when it comes to making decisions about the right kind of floor for your specific project.

Knowledgeable Service: That’s What We Give!

During these days, different selections of hardwood floors simply abound. In fact, the choices are so infinite! You do not want to end up with something inferior, don’t you? Of course, you should find the ones with the best quality. The fact is that you can have the best application from us without sacrificing your budget and the end results as well. Our team of installers and contractors work hard to meet every expectation of our clients so you are always assured of excellent to perfect results whether you want floors to be laid on plywood or concrete subfloors.

Easy Installation of Floors is One of Our Forte

Many people these days simply love doing the wood floor installation on their own. These are people who simply love DIY and want to save from installation fees. In this regard, Wood Floor Planet has made it possible to come up with easy to install laminate flooring that can be allowed to lay or float on flat surfaces. There are also types of hardwood floors which can be easily installed with their click-lock feature. Thus, if you have decided to go for a DIY way of installation, such kinds of floorings are what we can proudly provide to you!

We are Environment Friendly, too!

We at Wood Floor Planet assure everyone that each of the products that we offer is produced from highly selected wood species which are grown from sustainable forests. All of our products are FSC & Green Certified. From us, you can get the best help and assistance in terms of the kind of floor that suits you best.

Wood Floor Planet Continues to Expand!

Wood Floor Planet is currently found in the heart of New York City and thus such location has become the epicenter of hardwood floor products and services of the finest quality. But since the reliability of WFP has become unsurpassed and continues to grow, it has also taken its toll to open its new branch in New Jersey in May, 2013!

Yes, that’s right! Wood Floor Planet is now preparing for a great start with the opening of its second showroom in the state of New Jersey. Like the WFP in New York City, WFP New Jersey also offers similar high quality wood floor products and superb services like installation and refinishing.

Thus, when it comes to excellent products and services for your flooring needs, Wood Floor Planet is the best place to stop!


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