Mirage Engineered Flooring Review

Maple Havana, The Admiration Collection

Maple Havana, The Admiration Collection

Wood Floor Planet has been an authorized dealer of Mirage wood floors for over 10 years, consistently supplying Mirage brand wood floors to builders, contractors and the end user throughout the NYC and NJ area including Manhattan, Hoboken, Jersey City and West New York.

The Mirage quality has surpassed the test of time on the quality of engineering manufacturing.

Wood Flooring Structure

Let’s start with the structure of their engineered products. The top layer also known as the “wear layer” is a dry sawn cut method in which the hardwood is precisely cut to the desired thickness of a 4mm thickness being one of the thickest wear layers in the flooring industry, each board is unique and there are no repetitive patterns. A 4mm wear layer can be sanded between 3 to 5 times in its future (for the exception of the Mirage Lock in which we will do a separate review).

Flooring Widths

The available widths that Mirage flooring has to offer includes 2- 9/16’’, 3- 5/16’’, 5’’, 6- 1/2” and they just released a width size of a 7- 3⁄4’’. Now please note that not all styles are available in all the different widths, please visit http://www.woodfloorplanet.com/engineered-hardwood/mirage-engineered.html and check available sizes by styles. All of the engineered construction type can be installed by floating and gluing over concrete, or stapling over a plywood sub-floor. Please make sure to follow Mirage’s floor installation and instruction guidelines at www.miragefloors.com/ENG/flooring-101/installation

Hardwood Finish

Now let’s talk about the finish. The Nanolinx HD finish in our opinion is clearer and more wear resistant than the competition. They also offer a Nanolinx HD commercial and DuraMatt Commercial that is even more wear resistant yet targeted for commercial use. It has antimicrobial agents for a more hygienic environment and easier to clean floor. Their finish comes with a 35-year warranty on all residential applications and an extended 3-year commercial warranty on their Nanolinx HD Commercial and DuraMatt Commercial.

Mirage Flooring Accessories

Mirage also offers all accessories for their flooring including transition moldings, reducers and stair nosings, they also provide maintenance and touch-up kits for all their sku’s of colors.

Mirage floors is absolutely one of our favorites of wood floor manufacturers. For more information please visit one of our showrooms in Manhattan NY or Weehawken NJ, near Hoboken and Jersey City.

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are among the most popular wood flooring materials in residential structures for good reasons. These wooden floors are known for their durability, strength, and stability as well as beauty especially with the various colors, patterns and textures available.

Of course, only the best in quality parquet flooring products will deliver on these enviable qualities – and this is where Solidfloor comes in. Solidfloor has a wide range of parquet flooring products available in terms of wood used, patterns applied, and grading. Every need and want in parquetry will be addressed by Solidfloor, yet another reason why it is the most reliable supplier of wood flooring solutions.

solidfloor parquet flooring

First, let’s talk about the basics. Parquetry refers to the geometric arrangement (i.e., mosaic) of wood pieces to achieve a decorative effect while also providing for the benefits of durability, strength and stability expected in wooden floors. Parquet patterns are completely angular and geometrical in triangles, squares, and lozenges; natural and curved shapes are the domain of marquetry.

Parquet floors are classified in several ways including composition, wood material, and grade. These should be considered when choosing the right parquet flooring, such as making the choice between ash and oak floors for homes, offices, and retail spaces, even in gyms.

In terms of composition, parquet flooring products come in:

  • Classical composition with patterns like brick, diagonal basket, square basket, single herringbone, and double herringbone.
  • Mosaic composition with creative patterns that can be customized although the ready-to-install patterns are already beautiful in appearance. Examples include patterns that evoke stairs, stars, and basket weaves, among others.

Parquet floors from Solidfloor come in two wood varieties:

  • Oak floors are the most reliable type because of their excellent mechanical properties, innate durable construction, and beautiful appearance. Slavonian oak is the type used by Solidfloor here.
  • Ash floors come in white to pale yellow hues. With its bright appearance and durable hardness coupled with its great strength, ash floors are suitable for high-traffic areas including stores, gyms, and schools although many homeowners also prefer them in their homes.

Parquet flooring products are usually adhered with cold adhesives. Bear in mind that professional installation is a must for these wooden flooring products to ensure that their beauty, durability and stability are intact upon application.

When choosing from among the wide range of parquet floors with the Solidfloor brand, you have to closely work with Wood Floor Planet’s flooring experts. Your choice in the product should be the right one at the first instance because, once installed, these become permanent installations; removing and replacing the boards will be costly.

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Mirage Flooring: A Smart Choice to Make

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With all the negative attentions drawn to the expose of excessive formaldehyde in the imported Chinese laminate floors of a popular wood flooring importer, people can’t help it, but feel apprehensive when wood floors are the topic. Since safety is our utmost priority, Wood Floor Planet guarantees nothing but a collection of wood floors that have passed the stringent scrutiny of the federal and state environmental and safety regulations and standards. One brand that is note-worthy to mention and highly recommended is Mirage floors.

What makes Mirage floors a smart choice to make? Apart from the fact that it is commended for its longevity and durability that could last for generations, its environmental friendliness and safety are worth taking into consideration. If there’s a brand that won’t let you down, it’s Mirage flooring! The peace of mind that every homeowner feels is priceless, and that is something not all flooring company can deliver.

Get the finest hardwood floors that bring beauty, warmth and sophistication in any interior. When we say the finest, it means right from the responsible procurement of lumbers down to the seamless planks, ready for installation. Aiming to produce the best quality of wood flooring products to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future generations, Mirage flooring employs progressive approach to sustainable development, in which protecting and nurturing the environment is a must while successfully fulfilling the needs of the community. Some of the initiatives that Mirage flooring has been doing throughout the years are: wood and waste recycling, forest preservation, consumption reduction, inclusion of raw materials made from post-industrial waste, use of renewable energy sources such as wind and boiler in the manufacturing processes, support for Ducks Unlimited, selection of responsible suppliers, purchasing only from nearby sawmills that are 500 miles away from their plant to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, use of VOC and formaldehyde free finishes, CARB 93120 phase 2 compliant for reduction of harmful emissions, and Lacey Act compliant for assurance that legal forest practices are only implemented.

Granted that Mirage flooring is a safe and best choice to install in homes and commercial spaces, where do you go from here? To cut the chase in looking for reliable dealer, schedule an appointment to view the showroom of Wood Floor Planet, an EPA lead-safe certified firm in New York City. Get the best deals for high quality wood floors in the market without any worries to think. For appointment, just dial (212) 252-3838.

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The Cost-efficient Bamboo Flooring Alternative

bamboo floor, bamboo wood flooring, hardwood bamboo flooring, bamboo floors, bamboo laminate flooring, best bamboo flooring

One of the most important considerations when making the choice from among several flooring options is cost efficiency. Keep in mind that the cost aspect has two components – first, the initial cost outlay used in the purchase and installation of the flooring products; and second, the cost for maintenance over the lifetime of the floors. In both components, the cost efficiency of bamboo flooring cannot be overlooked.


In terms of initial outlay, bamboo flooring is a cost-efficient option. The cost varies from $5 to $8 per square foot depending on the color, texture and thickness as well as overall quality of the bamboo flooring. At these prices, bamboo floors are at par with the prices of many hardwood floors although it must be said that lower prices can be enjoyed, thanks to comparison shopping and price negotiations.  Just remember that quality should not be considerably compromised in favor of cost considerations – you will get what you pay for in bamboo flooring, too.


But the purchase cost will still be increased due to the supplies and labor necessary for the installation of the bamboo flooring. The labor component, however, can be reduced in case you can install the bamboo floor as a do-it-yourself project.


In case you want professional installation, be sure to add $3-$5.50 per square foot for the services. The money paid will be well worth it considering the excellent results – no warping, bulging and cracking, among other visible signs of amateur installation.


As to the cost to the environment, yet another important cost component, bamboo flooring has one of the lowest carbon footprints. Bamboo is a renewable resource because it reaches maturity (i.e., suitable for harvest) within a 5-6 years and it can be planted in sustainable forests.  In contrast, hardwood trees like ash, oak and maple takes decades to mature.


In terms of maintenance costs, bamboo flooring has higher cost efficiency than many flooring options.  Bamboo flooring is well known for the following qualities that make it one of the most cost-efficient choices:


  • Durability. Bamboo floors wear as well as hardwood floors especially when these are well taken care of.


  • Stability. Bamboo floors can resist the pressure from high-traffic areas, which means that it has greater stability than many types of flooring options including hardwood.


  • Ease of maintenance. Bamboo floors are easy to maintain. Vacuum and mop bamboo flooring with a hardwood floor cleaner when necessary.

When chosen, installed and cared for properly, bamboo flooring will provide great returns on investment – and that’s as cost-efficient as can be.

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Choosing Hardwood Floor Color

Hardwood Floor, Wood Floors, hardwood floors, wood flooring, best wood floors, hardwood flooring

Wood flooring is a traditional flooring alternative for every homeowner, installers and interior designers. It’s a cliché that you won’t ever go wrong when you install hardwood floor. However, choosing hardwood floor color can create a stunning addition or otherwise if you choose the wrong one. Whatever you have in mind for your interior design, it’s impossible not to find the hardwood floor color that suits your style and taste, considering the endless wide selection of stains and finishing to bring out the desired color. Here are tips on choosing hardwood floor color to keep you at the right side of your interior design project:

  1. Complementing Color. Choose the hardwood floor color that goes along with the overall interior design palette. Do this by choosing the largest interior architectural features. These could be the fireplace, wooden stairs, cabinetry, etc. Find a color that simply complements with that specific large aspect.
  2. Color Variation vs. Color Consistency. Color variation on the surface of the wood floor is just natural; even the same wood floor species may look differently. By having natural oil finish, the color variation on its surface can be pretty apparent. Having the floorboard stained will create a monochromatic look to its design while minimizing the visibility of any color variation. If uniformity concerns you, then choose stain floorboards for your interior. Modern contemporary styles often use the naturally oil finished planks while the stained floorboards are known for traditional architectural design.
  3. Light Colored vs. Dark Colored Stain. In choosing hardwood floor color, take into consideration the amount of interior space. Light colored stain is recommended for smaller space while dark color stained is ideal for large spaces. Using light colored stained floorboards creates an illusion of more spacious and airy feel in any interior. Having dark colored stained planks work well in an interior that has a lot of light and are sought after for modern and chic interior or urban condos.
  4. Bring home floor samples to compare and decide which one works along well with the walls and woodwork. Check which one looks well with furniture and adjoining floors in broad daylight and evening artificial light. Also, get a feel of each floor sample the moment you enter the room.

Take note that you can have endless of possibilities for hardwood floor colors considering the wide-range selection of stains and finishes on the floorboards. Taking into consideration numerous factors before coming up with a decision is better than randomly choosing the hardwood floor color that you fancy. After all, the result should be pleasing in your eyes and not otherwise.

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Armstrong Flooring: A Leading Healthy Wood Floor Manufacturing Firm

armstrong flooring laminate, armstrong laminate, laminate flooring, armstrong floor, armstrong tile flooring

Homeowners must be careful when choosing hardwood floors. They have to choose materials which will give them the best value for their money as well as will last for a long time.  Wood Floor Planet suggests hardwood flooring that is environmental-friendly, fashionable and timeless. One brand that is highly recommended by wood-loving people is Armstrong flooring.

At Wood Floor Planet, our main concern is the environment and your health. Armstrong flooring is made from sustainable and environmentally healthy wood products that have passed all the stringent regulations that the US government has setup. Our focus is way stronger today as we offer the modern knowledge in manufacturing environmentally sound products to make sure that our customers’ needs are met. We have this unique definition of quality that requires us to look at what happens over the entire life of Armstrong flooring. By discussing with our customers their wants, goals and budget, mainly by means of asking them questions, we can eventually assist them to find the best products they want. Wood Floor Planet offers knowledgeable assistance, environmental-friendly products plus expert installation services made possible by our licensed technicians.

Armstrong Floor Products is number one in marketing and manufacturing of commercial and residential floor products. It has continuously gained market share and has raised the industry standard for resilient flooring performance. To start with, let us introduce Armstrong and its family of brands—Armstrong Bruce® and Armstrong Robbins® that offer the widest ranging collection of wood floors that have passed the stringent scrutiny of the federal and state environmental and safety regulations and standards. Our portfolio includes resilient sheet and tile, hardwood, laminates, and linoleum with targeted products for both residential and commercial applications. ArmaLock™ and SwiftLock™ locking laminates are in demand to those “do it yourself” consumers because this is the type of floors that are installed without glue. Introduced by Armstrong in 2000, ToughGuard™ vinyl sheet flooring is manufactured with innovative process that dramatically and noticeably improves the durability of residential sheet vinyl.  The original classic resilient floor, Linoleum, is now considered a “green” flooring product, is also making a comeback in the U.S. as architects and designers – as well as homeowners – require more environmental-friendly building materials that don’t sacrifice color vibrancy and design.

So where do you go from here, granted that Armstrong flooring is your best choice to install in homes and commercial spaces? To cut the chase in looking for reliable dealer, schedule an appointment to view the showroom of Wood Floor Planet, an EPA lead-safe certified firm in New York City. Get the best deals for high quality wood floors in the market without any worries to think. Call (212) 252-3838 now to get the wood flooring that you deserve.

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The Beauty, Durability and Renewability of Teragren Bamboo

teragren bamboo, teragren bamboo ny, teragren bamboo new york, teragren bamboo flooring, bamboo wood flooring, engineered hardwood floorsGrass it is, but bamboo is one of the best building materials because of its beauty, durability and renewability, three traits that have made it suitable for both tropical and temperate environments.

This is true for Teragren bamboo, an eco-friendly flooring product made by cutting bamboo into small slats, laminated them together, and gluing them using hydraulic pressure and industrial adhesive.

Teragren Bamboo Is Beautiful

Teragren bamboo flooring is one of the best options for beautiful flooring because of the wide range of styles and stains available. Keep in mind that the floors provide the foundation, literally and figuratively, for the rest of the room – it becomes the background upon which the walls, ceilings and windows will be set off against, after all.

Teragren bamboo floors are available in virtually all colors from light to dark, thus, addressing the discerning requirements of homeowners, interior designers, and builders. The comprehensive range of textures and grains include light natural wheat and new country in the light range; Hewn Tawny and Honey Ridge for the mid-color range; and the Midnight Black and Paris Black for the dark range.

You will find that no matter the texture, grain and color of your chosen Teragren bamboo floor, you will be impressed with the beauty that it provides your rooms.  You can choose a different Teragren bamboo floor for each area of your house to differentiate its uses or install the same Teragren bamboo floor for all areas to establish a seamless look.

Teragren Bamboo is Durable

While bamboo in its natural state may not look as durable, sturdy and strong as hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and redwood, you should not be fooled by appearances. Teragren bamboo flooring is made from grass that has been used for centuries in many parts of the world, such as Asia, because of its desirable qualities. Your decision to install Teragren bamboo in your house is justified because bamboo:

  • Has tensile strength, the maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched without breaking, greater than steel itself;
  • Has higher compression capabilities than concrete itself; and
  • Has higher resistance against moisture and, thus, against mold and mildew than most hardwoods

With such outstanding durability, it comes as no surprise that Teragren bamboo is a highly popular flooring product.  Of course, you will also say that Teragren bamboo flooring is not the only bamboo flooring product in the market –and you are right. But it must also be emphasized that the durability of bamboo flooring largely rests on the application of proper harvesting and manufacturing processes – and the manufacturer of Teragren bamboo does it like no other.

Did you know that Teragren bamboo particularly XCora strand bamboo has a higher hardness rating than traditional oak? Indeed, Teragren bamboo is 160% harder and, thus, better than many types of hardwood.

Teragren Bamboo is Renewable

Teragren bamboo

Or more appropriately, Teragren bamboo comes from a renewable resource. Bamboo is considered one of the most eco-friendly building materials for two reasons, namely: first, it is a fast-growing grass that can be harvested within a few years of planting usually within 5.5 years; and second, it can be harvested over and over again from the same plant.

This is because the bamboo’s roots are not uprooted during the harvesting process and new bamboo grows out of the stump, thus, starting the growth cycle once again.  Such renewability is not possible with traditional hardwoods like oak, not to mention that bamboo forests are known for being effective carbon sinks.

With such beauty, durability and renewability, you should get your own Teragren bamboo flooring now!  Your decision to install Teragren bamboo in your home will be one of the best building decisions you can make, indeed. Your returns on investment with Teragren bamboo floors include providing a warm and safe home for your family as well as a better environment for society.

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Preverco Wood Floors

Preverco Wood Floors, hardwood flooring


Wood Floor Planet prides itself on being a leading one-stop shop for a wide range of high-quality yet reasonably-priced wood products. We offer solid wood, engineered, laminate, and prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring in both domestic and exotic species.


Indeed, name the type of wood you want for your residential, commercial, and industrial needs, and Wood Floor Planet will most likely have it in stock!  We are the preferred supplier of these wood products because of our 25-plus years of experience dealing in the most prestigious brands as well as our comprehensive range of services.


New Partnership for Customers’ Benefit


Today, Wood Floor Planet is proud to introduce a prestigious brand known for its strong technological innovation, excellent product quality, and dedication to growth – Preverco! Our partnership in delivering the best products and services in the wood flooring market will ultimately benefit you, our loyal customers.

With our partnership, you now have the golden opportunity to choose from a wide range of Preverco wood flooring products and to enjoy delivery to your address.  Your residential, commercial and industrial buildings will have improved form and function, too, thanks to the durability, beauty and functionality of the Preverco-branded wood flooring solutions.


Established in 1988, Preverco is widely considered an industry leader in the wood industry. Beyond its durable, functional, and beautiful products, the company is also well-known for its innovative approaches in wood development.

When the outstanding wood products of Preverco and the outstanding services of Wood Floor Planet are combined in a single store, the results are truly impressive.  Our customers will have the best of both worlds without giving an arm and a leg for it.


Preferred Choice for Discerning Customers


Preverco is a leader in the wood industry and, thus, the preferred choice for discerning customers in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Its leadership can be attributed to several factors including its:


  • Innovative products, as manifested by its leadership in trends for wood technologies, coatings, and colors.
  • Modern lifestyle-based products, as shown in the wide range of wood flooring solutions for all areas of modern structures from porches to kitchens.
  • 35-year warranty for its Sigma Protection-labeled products, which Preverco touts as products with smooth and clear surfaces, high wear resistance coupled with exceptional hardness, high UV resistance and antimicrobial protection, and excellent air quality (i.e., free of VOCs).
  • Environment-friendly products, a fact borne of Preverco’s commitment toward smart materials use (i.e., without waste).


Comprehensive Collections and Platforms


Wood Floor Planet New York and Preverco share a strong commitment in providing comprehensive selections of wood flooring solutions for our customers. As such, we are proud to carry the Preverco’s collections and platforms in our showroom.


Preverco Flooring, hardwood floors

Preverco Flooring: Hardwood Floors


Preverco has the following collections:


  • Inspiration. The collection represents the best in the latest trends and discoveries in wood technology. The wood products are manufactured from exclusive species, finishes, and textures as well as designed with longer and wider measurements.
  • Distinction. The collection provides customers with traditional wood products, which have been manufactured in classic textures and finishes as well as made with solid construction in mind.
  • Expression. The collection provides for a balance between price and quality. The wood products are characterized by solid construction, classic finishes, and a wide selection of species and colors.


All of these collections, however, are designed to ensure low installation costs.


Preverco also has several platforms, which will accommodate all installation requirements.  Be sure to discuss the suitability of each platform for your construction needs.


  • SolidClassic is traditional solid wood flooring for nailed installation on main and upper floors.
  • SolidGenius is engineered floor suitable for nailed, floating, and glued installations.
  • Engenius is engineered floor made from Baltic birch plywood.
  • Preloc is engineered wood suitable for floating installation.
  • SolidFlex is made from softwood filleted core and is suitable for stapled, glued, and floating installations.
  • HD Preloc is engineered floor made from a sawn hardwood top layer and a sawn-wood backing.

Come and visit Wood Floor Planet’s showroom at 425 W 46th St, New York City for more information about Preverco wood flooring solutions.  We would be delighted to share our knowledge and expertise for you to choose the best wood floors that will bring warmth, incomparable beauty and elegance to your interior.

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Lauzon Pure Genius, Air-Purifying Smart Floor

Lauzon hardwood floor: Pure Genius Flooring


Welcome to Wood Floor Planet! We are one of the leading suppliers of outstanding wood flooring products in a wide range of styles including solid wood, laminate floors, and engineered wood as well as unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring in domestic and exotic species. We are the one-stop for homeowners, builders, and contractors for their wood flooring requirements for both strips and planks.


As part of our thrust for excellent customer service, we are always on the lookout for innovative, even revolutionary, wood flooring products. We believe that your home, office and stores, among other structures, are not just buildings made from wood, stone and steel but are, more importantly, structures that provide the benefits of beauty, functionality, and durability.  We are your partners in achieving these benefits especially where our outstanding wood flooring products are concerned.


And now, our dear customers, we are proud to present our new partnership with Lauzon Flooring for its range of Pure Genius wood flooring products! We established our latest partnership with the firm conviction that you, our valued clients, will truly benefit from the world’s first – and only – smart wood flooring!


The Promise of Product Excellence


We choose our partners with great care because we believe in protecting our mutual interests – our reputation as the leading supplier of high-quality wood flooring products in New York and your right to enjoying the best value for your money in these products. We have chosen Lauzon Flooring for our latest partnership with these aspects in mind.


Pure Genius hardwood floor: Lauzon Flooring

Pure Genius hardwood floor: Lauzon Flooring


Lauzon Flooring, a wood flooring supplier with headquarters at Papineauville, Quebec, Canada, has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Its dedication to combining the benefits of finely-crafted wood and of scientifically-manufactured wood continues to provide its customers with the best wood flooring products – resilient, comfortable and comforting, and beautiful.  Its wood flooring products are well-known among its customers for being eco-friendly, too, with the company complying with the strictest standards in wood manufacture.


Wood Floor Planet and Lauzon Flooring – the partnership to beat as the leading suppliers of the best wood flooring products in New York!


The Importance of Indoor Air Quality


Lauzon Flooring and Pure Genius for Improved Indoor Air Quality


Wood Floor Planet chose Lauzon Flooring and its wood flooring products with the goal of providing customers with more choices particularly in products that contribute to improved indoor air quality. The importance of healthier indoor air quality cannot be overemphasized for the following reasons:


  • Number of hours spent indoors. In a typical day, we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors at home, in the office, and in stores, among others. While we may believe that indoor air is less polluted than outdoor air, this is not so because indoor air also contains pollutants including toxic chemicals.
  • Wide range of ailments in indoor air with poor quality. The pollutants, such as contaminants, particulates and toxic chemicals, come from several sources including common household products (e.g., cleaning solutions), building materials (e.g., pressed wood, paint, varnishes, and adhesives), and smoke from tobacco, stoves and fireplaces, among others. These pollutants increase the risks for respiratory ailments, such as asthma and allergies, and even immunosuppressive disorders especially among highly susceptible cohorts like children, sick individuals, and the elderly.


Even when the indoor areas appear clean (i.e., relatively free from possibly harmful chemicals), you should not be complacent for two reasons, namely, the pollutants are invisible to the naked eye and their effects are gradual, but can have serious complications when left untreated.


The importance of choosing building materials including wood flooring products with the lowest possible amount of contaminants and pollutants cannot be overemphasized especially in areas where vulnerable cohorts are present. The investments in these health-friendly, eco-friendly wood flooring products will provide for excellent returns in investment particularly in improved health.


The Guarantee of Pure Genius


This is where the pure genius of the world’s first smart wood flooring product comes in – PURE GENIUS! Lauzon Flooring is the only wood flooring manufacturer that offers the smart technology and we at Wood Floor Planet are proud to be part of the innovation as an authorized distributor.


Pure Genius wood flooring is the result of a joint venture between Photocat AB, a Danish firm, and Välinge, a Swedish firm, which spent years of extensive research into photocatalytic technology.  Lauzon Flooring is the sole licensee for the technology, as granted by Välinge Photocatalytic AB.


What makes Pure Genius a product of pure genius in the industry? We can cite several reasons including:


  • The floors are manufactured without the conventional materials used in the wood flooring industry, said materials of which can increase the risks for toxic chemical exposure.  These materials include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), solvents, and formaldehyde, among others.
  • The active nanoparticles present in the Pure Genius wooden flooring products are activated by both natural and artificial light, which means that it is continuously working to filter the air.  When light hits the surface, the titanium-based air-purifying agent is activated; the toxic chemicals are decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.  The toxic contaminants in the air will be absorbed by the wooden floor’s surface with either artificial (e.g., electric fan) or natural (e.g., breeze) air triggering the process.


The bottom line: Pure Genius works in two ways in contributing to improve indoor air quality – first, it has little of the toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of non-smart wooden flooring products; and second, the wooden floors act as an effective air filter.


Once installed, it will take 30-60 days for the air filtering action of the Pure Genius wooden floors to take effect particularly in degrading contaminants. The effect will last for as long as the surface finish remains intact.


When the air filtering action starts, you will enjoy several benefits including:

  • Better indoor air quality by up to 85%
  • Lower risk for respiratory diseases including asthma and allergies including reduced frequency and duration of symptoms
  • Faster decomposition of bacteria, mold and viruses
  • Lesser occurrence of bad odors indoors


The Pure Genius technology is available in most of the Lauzon Flooring collections, namely, Designer, Ambiance and Essentials, either as a built-in feature or as an option.


Come and visit our New York showroom so that we can show you the beauty of Pure Genius and agree with us that, indeed, it is PURE GENIUS!

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Choosing a Supplier for Hardwood Floors NYC

Hardwood floors add financial value and beauty to any residential unit such as house or an apartment. There are many types of hardwood flooring that can be installed in any home based on the wood species that they are made up of. Hardwood floors that come from oak varieties are in demand because of their hardness and their relative resistance to scratches and dents. Meanwhile, hardwood floors that are made up of pine varieties are softer, but are more inexpensive.

When you are planning to install hardwood floors in NYC, you must also consider where you will get your hardwood flooring supplies from. There are a lot of suppliers and depot that will claim that they can best supply you with all your flooring requirements. However, when choosing where to get your wood flooring in NYC, here is a list of what you need to consider:

Availability of materials

You should choose suppliers that have a wide variety of brands to choose from. Some suppliers may be in contract with hardwood manufacturers as their direct distributors and are therefore only carrying the brands that these manufacturers make. Although you can get lower rates if you purchased the brands under contract with the suppliers, your choice of materials are limited.


When looking for wood flooring in New York, you should contact a supplier that has a wide range of experience in the different types of wood floors such as solid, engineered, exotic, hand-scraped, laminate, herringbone, parquet, rift and quartered sawn and more. Remember that each type of flooring design will require different techniques of installation so choose a supplier that has the expertise in any kind of wood flooring.

Large Showroom

Consider choosing a hardwood flooring supplier in NYC that has a large showroom. This will allow you to manually inspect their sample hardwood floors conveniently. Suppliers with large showrooms will often show an area installed with different types of hardwood floors. This will help you visualize the samples being on the floor of your home.

Check online presence

A good indicator of a professional hardwood floor supplier is the supplier’s website. Check to see if the supplier you are planning to purchase your hardwood floors from has an online presence. A supplier’s webpage such as www.woodfloorplanet.com will allow you to explore their materials and stocks without having to physically go to their store. You can also ask for an online quote from them once you visit the page.

Geographical location

Probably one of the major reasons for choosing a hardwood floor supplier in NYC is its geographical location. Remember that transporting hardwood flooring materials is expensive since you have to pay all shipping charges. Having a supplier that is located in Manhattan such as www.woodfloorplanet.com will both give you the convenience of having a supplier near your home and the cost effectiveness of having to pay for a shorter trucking route.

Hardwood Floors NYC, hardwood floor New York, hardwood flooring, best hardwood floors, wood floors, hardwood floors refinishing

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For your convenience, we also have a showroom in New Jersey. Please visit our Weehawken NJ store or call (201) 330-0909 for more details.