3 questions to choose the best wood floor

Date Posted: 1 December 2021

3 questions to choose the best wood floor

Today, there are countless types of hardwood floors to satisfy everyone’s needs for wood species, color, style, performance and budget.

While having many choices is always a good thing, it can also seem overwhelming, especially if you are new to the hardwood flooring world.

  1. which hardwood flooring species is right for you?

First a note of definition and what we mean by species.  Hardwood flooring is available in many types of wood. From Oak to Hickory and Maple to Acacia; each species has its’ own unique characteristics and performance attributes.

Prioritizing your visual preference, as well as lifestyle and budget requirements; will help you determine which of the different wood species is right for your home.

Engineered wood flooring is manufactured in many different species and with the addition of today’s high-performance finishes; those species now have the ability to perform very well for people with children and pets.


  1. Where will the hardwood floors be going?

If you plan to install the flooring in a high traffic area such as a family room or hallway, consider the hardwood flooring species that have a higher  hardness rating. While exotic hardwoods tend to have the highest ratings, many people steer clear of them not only because of the lack of sustainability but also because of their higher price and tendency to change color or fade over time.

Fortunately, you can find the perfect alternative in several domestic and bountiful hardwood flooring species that will hold up well in high traffic areas.


If you plan to install your hardwood floors in the kitchen, you may want to select engineered hardwood with a distressed finish, which will help to mask surface wear, scuffs, and scratches.


If you’ll be updating your bedroom wood floors, a soft, muted whitewashed finish is a good choice. A straight-grained hardwood flooring species like Oak would create a light, airy open feel regardless of room size.  Throw a stylish area rug down in the middle for warmth and cushioning, and you’ll have the perfect bedroom floor.

  1. What is your style?

While most types of hardwood floor species will work in a variety of decors, selecting them in certain colors, plank widths or styles can truly define your personal style.

Modern- Light and dark neutrals or gray wood flooring colors are the perfect design base for a modern decor; especially if they come in a trendy, wide or narrow plank (3.5”) for a refined and streamlined look.

Rustic- Wide plank Reclaimed Oak in medium to golden browns makes the perfect enhancement to a rustic décor.

Rustic hardwood flooring contains knots, wormholes, checks and splits for added character and warmth.


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