Installations of wide plank: Good Choice

Date Posted: 28 January 2021

Wood Floor Planet we specialize on installations of wide plank, parquet, and herringbone patterns, as well as prefinished or unfinished flooring.

Installations of wide plank: Good Choice

Wood Floor Planet Inc., is a floor company that thrives on exceeding customer satisfaction to the highest degree.

We have a team of highly professional individuals that are experts in all aspects wood floor installations and applications, whether you’re installing over concrete, a plywood subfloor, or any other approved surface.

Over 25 year experience and knowledge, we have the capacity to fulfill our clients investment and satisfaction on any wood floor installation project.

Wide plank floors are growing in popularity, know more about them…

The installation process

When installing solid wide plank over a concrete slab, only adhesive is used to secure the flooring. It will benefit you to use an adhesive that has a moisture vapor barrier incorporated into the formulation; to keep out any moisture that will seep through the concrete.

Since you know a little more about the installations of wide plank, be sure to hire us like the best specialists in the area.

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