RIVA Takes the lead with exotic teak in the face of birch shortage

Date Posted: 24 August 2022


RIVA Takes the lead with exotic teak in the face of birch shortage

To both counter the socioeconomic challenges brought on by the war in Eastern Europe and meet the needs of discerning customers; RIVA announces the new RIVA Core®.


The new product is a redesigned versión of its renowned RIVA engineered hardwood floors. The latest innovation features a three-ply construction, maintaning the 100% European White oak top layer; a new exotic teak intermediate layer and pine bottom layer.



The upgrade, in addition to the D4 phenolic glue and Bona® matte lacquer finish; showcases RIVA’s commitment to maintain the highest quality and design standars, placing the Company at the Forefront of the industry.





After conducting numerous tests that measured resistance to moisture, temperatura changes, stress, and durability, we determined that exotic teak was the optimal species to redesign our product.


To discover more about RIVA Core® or if you like to receive a sample,
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