Benefits of Laminate flooring

Date Posted: 17 November 2020

Benefits of Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is an easy-to-install, attractive, and durable alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Its technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since that time, with sharper high-definition imaging, deeper embossing, better seaming mechanisms, and a host of other innovations.

Nowadays laminate flooring manufacturers have been working hard on improvements. Micro bevels, deeper texturing, and better graphics reproduction have brought laminate flooring closer to the cachet enjoyed by solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring, but got an extra bonus and remains a budget flooring material in performance, appearance, and reputation.

Some laminate floors can last as much as 25 years or more in rooms that see light use, while others installed in heavy traffic areas may need replacement in as little as 10 years.

Considering how inexpensive it is, it’s a good idea to invest in the best laminate flooring you can afford. Laminate flooring has become one of the most inexpensive of all flooring materials; so what are you waiting for?!

Maintenance and Repair

Laminate floors are easy to clean with a vacuum or broom. Mop with a slightly damp mop, or better yet, use laminate floor cleaner. No floor waxing is ever necessary for laminate floors. It has a wear layer that protects the photographic layer underneath and makes it somewhat resistant to scratches and dents, and very resistant to stains.

Some manufacturers even issue very generous 10+ year warranties on the wear layer itself. If you do get a stain, it is usually easy to clean off.

Besides all those benefits a great design is also possible with Laminate flooring it can faithfully reproduce the look of wood, stone, and other natural materials at least at a distance.

Unlike real hardwood, which comes with many imperfect pieces that need to be discarded or trimmed; there are no defects in laminate flooring. Every board is of consistent quality and appearance. Deep embossing adds to the illusion of wood grain, as well.

Another fact to consider is that laminate flooring is not a material that will add long-term real estate value to your home, although it can be a good way to quickly and inexpensively renovate a shabby floor. If you want to get top sale value for your home, hardwood and engineered wood flooring give you better value.

Laminate flooring is a good choice for allergy sufferers; as the product does not trap dust and allergens and is easy to clean.



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