Installing an engineered floor over the existing engineered floor

Date Posted: 25 April 2018
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Wood Floor Planet Inc. Showroom at 425 W 46th St. New York, NY 10036. Phone: 212-252-3838.

We have always been asked, “can I install engineered wood floors over my existing wood floors”? And our first response to this question that we would always say is, “follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions”. However, with our experience of 30 years plus, we have a few nuggets of wisdom in this area. Number one being is that, we always recommend that the existing wood floors are removed and that you start off with a clean slate if the budget allows, the reason being, or, should I say the reasons being is that number one, you have to be sure that the existing floor is well fastened to the concrete substrate, or to the plywood subfloor.

We are not talking about installing over PVC vinyl, vinyl tile and or cork flooring, (that will be a different discussion) but odds are that if the floor has been there for an extensive period of time there has been some vulnerability in the stability of the adhesion to the subfloor and the existing floor, whether the existing adhesive is starting to fail, or simply the nails of the existing floor are starting to loosen.

We never really know the extent of this vulnerability 100% therefore if your new installation are installed on top of one of these scenarios, chances are that there may be some issues with your new flooring in the future.

Another reason that it is not desirable to install a new flooring over the existing floor is due to contraction and expansion, your new flooring will expand and contract in accordance to the existing floor (again, this is one of our multiple experiences in the last three). decades. The best solution for this situation is to install a rubber underlayment, or a plywood subfloor underlayment over the existing floor for your new installation.

There are other factors that we can discuss on the situation but we will leave for the next discussion. For more information and consultation, please contact Wood Floor Planet Inc. at 212-252-3838 or 201-330-0909.


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