Lauzon Pure Genius, Air-Purifying Smart Floor

Date Posted: 22 July 2015

Welcome to Wood Floor Planet! We are one of the leading suppliers of outstanding wood flooring products in a wide range of styles including solid wood, laminate floors, and engineered wood as well as unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring in domestic and exotic species. We are the one-stop for homeowners, builders, and contractors for their wood flooring requirements for both strips and planks.

As part of our thrust for excellent customer service, we are always on the lookout for innovative, even revolutionary, wood flooring products. We believe that your home, office and stores, among other structures, are not just buildings made from wood, stone and steel but are, more importantly, structures that provide the benefits of beauty, functionality, and durability. We are your partners in achieving these benefits especially where our outstanding wood flooring products are concerned.

And now, our dear customers, we are proud to present our new partnership with Lauzon Flooring for its range of Pure Genius wood flooring products! We established our latest partnership with the firm conviction that you, our valued clients, will truly benefit from the world first and only  smart wood flooring!

The Promise of Product Excellence

We choose our partners with great care because we believe in protecting our mutual interests our reputation as the leading supplier of high-quality wood flooring products in New York and your right to enjoying the best value for your money in these products. We have chosen Lauzon Flooring for our latest partnership with these aspects in mind.

Pure Genius hardwood floor: Lauzon Flooring

Pure Genius hardwood floor: Lauzon Flooring

Lauzon Flooring, a wood flooring supplier with headquarters at Papineauville; Quebec, Canada, has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Its dedication to combining the benefits of finely-crafted wood and of scientifically-manufactured wood continues to provide its customers with the best wood flooring products resilient; comfortable and comforting, and beautiful. Its wood flooring products are well-known among its customers for being eco-friendly, too, with the company complying with the strictest standards in wood manufacture.

Wood Floor Planet and Lauzon Flooring the partnership to beat as the leading suppliers of the best wood flooring products in New York!

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Lauzon Flooring and Pure Genius for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Wood Floor Planet chose Lauzon Flooring and its wood flooring products with the goal of providing customers with more choices particularly in products that contribute to improved indoor air quality.

The importance of healthier indoor air quality cannot be overemphasized for the following reasons:

  • Number of hours spent indoors. In a typical day, we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors at home; in the office, and in stores; among others. While we may believe that indoor air is less polluted than outdoor air; this is not so because indoor air also contains pollutants including toxic chemicals.
  • Wide range of ailments in indoor air with poor quality. The pollutants; such as contaminants, particulates and toxic chemicals; come from several sources including common household products (e.g., cleaning solutions), building materials (e.g., pressed wood, paint, varnishes, and adhesives), and smoke from tobacco; stoves and fireplaces, among others.  These pollutants increase the risks for respiratory ailments, such as asthma and allergies; and even immunosuppressive disorders especially among highly susceptible cohorts like children; sick individuals, and the elderly.

Even when the indoor areas appear clean (i.e., relatively free from possibly harmful chemicals); you should not be complacent for two reasons, namely; the pollutants are invisible to the naked eye and their effects are gradual, but can have serious complications when left untreated.

The importance of choosing building materials including wood flooring products with the lowest possible amount of contaminants and pollutants cannot be overemphasized especially in areas where vulnerable cohorts are present. The investments in these health-friendly; eco-friendly wood flooring products will provide for excellent returns in investment particularly in improved health.

The Guarantee of Pure Genius

This is where the pure genius of the world’s first smart wood flooring product comes in – PURE GENIUS! Lauzon Flooring is the only wood flooring manufacturer that offers the smart technology and we at Wood Floor Planet are proud to be part of the innovation as an authorized distributor.

Pure Genius wood flooring is the result of a joint venture between Photocat AB; a Danish firm, and Vlinge, a Swedish firm, which spent years of extensive research into photocatalytic technology. Â Lauzon Flooring is the sole licensee for the technology, as granted by Vlinge Photocatalytic AB.

What makes Pure Genius a product of pure genius in the industry? We can cite several reasons including:
  • The floors, manufactured without the conventional materials used in the wood flooring industry; said materials of which can increase the risks for toxic chemical exposure. These materials include volatile organic compounds (VOCs); solvents, and formaldehyde, among others.
  • The active nanoparticles present in the Pure Genius wooden flooring products are activated by both natural and artificial light; which means that it is continuously working to filter the air. When light hits the surface; the titanium-based air-purifying agent is activated; the toxic chemicals are decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. The toxic contaminants in the air will be absorbed by the wooden floor surface with either artificial (e.g., electric fan) or natural (e.g., breeze) air triggering the process.

The bottom line: Pure Genius works in two ways in contributing to improve indoor air quality – first; it has little of the toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of non-smart wooden flooring products; and second, the wooden floors act as an effective air filter.

Once installed, it will take 30-60 days for the air filtering action of the Pure Genius wooden floors to take effect particularly in degrading contaminants. The effect will last for as long as the surface finish remains intact.

When the air filtering action starts, you will enjoy several benefits including:
  • Better indoor air quality by up to 85%
  • Lower risk for respiratory diseases including asthma and allergies including reduced frequency and duration of symptoms
  • Faster decomposition of bacteria, mold and viruses
  • Lesser occurrence of bad odors indoors

Come and visit our New York showroom so that we can show you the beauty of Pure Genius and agree with us that, indeed, it is PURE GENIUS!

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