Mirage Flooring: A Smart Choice to Make

Date Posted: 2 October 2015

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With all the negative attentions drawn to the expose of excessive formaldehyde in the imported Chinese laminate floors of a popular wood flooring importer, people can’t help it; but feel apprehensive when wood floors are the topic.

Since safety is our utmost priority; Wood Floor Planet guarantees nothing but a collection of wood floors that have passed the stringent scrutiny of the federal and state environmental and safety regulations and standards.

One brand that is note-worthy to mention and highly recommended is Mirage floors.

What makes Mirage floors a smart choice to make? Apart from the fact that it is commended for its longevity and durability that could last for generations; its environmental friendliness and safety are worth taking into consideration.

If theres a brand that wont let you down; its Mirage flooring! The peace of mind that every homeowner feels is priceless; and that is something not all flooring company can deliver.

Get the finest hardwood floors that bring beauty, warmth and sophistication in any interior.

When we say the finest, it means right from the responsible procurement of lumbers down to the seamless planks, ready for installation. Aiming to produce the best quality of wood flooring products to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future generations.

Mirage flooring employs progressive approach to sustainable development; in which protecting and nurturing the environment is a must while successfully fulfilling the needs of the community.

initiatives that Mirage flooring

Some of the initiatives that Mirage flooring has been doing throughout the years are: wood and waste recycling, forest preservation; consumption reduction, inclusion of raw materials made from post-industrial waste; use of renewable energy sources such as wind and boiler in the manufacturing processes; support for Ducks Unlimited, selection of responsible suppliers; purchasing only from nearby sawmills that are 500 miles away from their plant to minimize greenhouse gas emissions; use of VOC and formaldehyde free finishes, CARB 93120 phase 2 compliant for reduction of harmful emissions, and Lacey Act compliant for assurance that legal forest practices are only implemented.

Granted that Mirage flooring is a safe and best choice to install in homes and commercial spaces; where do you go from here? To cut the chase in looking for reliable dealer, schedule an appointment to view the showroom of Wood Floor Planet, an EPA lead-safe certified firm in New York City.

Get the best deals for high quality wood floors in the market without any worries to think. For appointment, just dial (212) 252-3838.



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