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Date Posted: 22 July 2015

Preverco Wood Floors, hardwood flooring

Wood Floor Planet prides itself on being a leading one-stop shop for a wide range of high-quality yet reasonably-priced wood products. We offer solid wood, engineered, laminate, and prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring in both domestic and exotic species.

Indeed, name the type of wood you want for your residential, commercial, and industrial needs, and Wood Floor Planet will most likely have it in stock! Â We are the preferred supplier of these wood products because of our 25-plus years of experience dealing in the most prestigious brands as well as our comprehensive range of services.

New Partnership for Customers’ Benefit

Today, Wood Floor Planet is proud to introduce a prestigious brand known for its strong technological innovation, excellent product quality, and dedication to growth – Preverco! Our partnership in delivering the best products and services in the wood flooring market will ultimately benefit you, our loyal customers.

With our partnership, you now have the golden opportunity to choose from a wide range of Preverco wood flooring products and to enjoy delivery to your address. Â Your residential, commercial and industrial buildings will have improved form and function, too, thanks to the durability, beauty and functionality of the Preverco-branded wood flooring solutions.

Established in 1988, Preverco is widely considered an industry leader in the wood industry. Beyond its durable, functional, and beautiful products, the company is also well-known for its innovative approaches in wood development.

When the outstanding wood products of Preverco and the outstanding services of Wood Floor Planet are combined in a single store, the results are truly impressive. Â Our customers will have the best of both worlds without giving an arm and a leg for it.

Preferred Choice for Discerning Customers

Preverco is a leader in the wood industry and, thus, the preferred choice for discerning customers in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Its leadership can be attributed to several factors including its:

  • Innovative products, as manifested by its leadership in trends for wood technologies, coatings, and colors.
  • Modern lifestyle-based products, as shown in the wide range of wood flooring solutions for all areas of modern structures from porches to kitchens.
  • 35-year warranty for its Sigma Protection-labeled products, which Preverco touts as products with smooth and clear surfaces, high wear resistance coupled with exceptional hardness, high UV resistance and antimicrobial protection, and excellent air quality (i.e., free of VOCs).
  • Environment-friendly products, a fact borne of Preverco’s commitment toward smart materials use (i.e., without waste).

Comprehensive Collections and Platforms

Wood Floor Planet New York and Preverco share a strong commitment in providing comprehensive selections of wood flooring solutions for our customers. As such, we are proud to carry the Preverco’s collections and platforms in our showroom.

Preverco Flooring: Hardwood Floors

Preverco Flooring: Hardwood Floors

Preverco has the following collections:

  • Inspiration. The collection represents the best in the latest trends and discoveries in wood technology. The wood products are manufactured from exclusive species, finishes, and textures as well as designed with longer and wider measurements.
  • Distinction. The collection provides customers with traditional wood products, which have been manufactured in classic textures and finishes as well as made with solid construction in mind.
  • Expression. The collection provides for a balance between price and quality. The wood products are characterized by solid construction, classic finishes, and a wide selection of species and colors.


All of these collections, however, are designed to ensure low installation costs.


Preverco also has several platforms, which will accommodate all installation requirements. Â Be sure to discuss the suitability of each platform for your construction needs.


  • SolidClassic is traditional solid wood flooring for nailed installation on main and upper floors.
  • SolidGenius is engineered floor suitable for nailed, floating, and glued installations.
  • Engenius is engineered floor made from Baltic birch plywood.
  • Preloc is engineered wood suitable for floating installation.
  • SolidFlex is made from softwood filleted core and is suitable for stapled, glued, and floating installations.
  • HD Preloc is engineered floor made from a sawn hardwood top layer and a sawn-wood backing.

Come and visit Wood Floor Planet showroom at 425 W 46th St, New York City for more information about Preverco wood flooring solutions. Â We would be delighted to share our knowledge and expertise for you to choose the best wood floors that will bring warmth, incomparable beauty and elegance to your interior.


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