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Consider Laminate Wood Flooring: The eco-friendly choice

Posted on: March 15th, 2021 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

The eco-friendly choice: Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a popular choice for environmentally conscious contractors and homeowners.

What is the best flooring that looks like wood?

Some popular alternatives to hardwood floors are laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tile. All of these can imitate the look of wood.

When it comes time to choose materials for your home project, your thoughts may turn to sustainability. Most homeowners love the look of wooden floors, but hardwood brings with it concerns of deforestation. What If you could have the look of hardwood, while still being kind to the planet?

Most laminate flooring manufacturers now explicitly point out how sustainable and eco-friendly this flooring option is and use it as a major selling point for their product.

Made from Sustainable Materials

There’s no need to harvest the raw materials to create laminate boards. So not only are natural resources not being depleted for its creation, there’s no need to ship hardwood from across the globe to your local flooring supplier.

No Harsh Chemicals

This is why laminate gets another point in the eco-friendly department since only gentle, natural cleansers are necessary to keep laminate looking its best year after year.

Laminate Doesn’t Contaminate The Air

Compared to other materials, laminate doesn’t contain any air-damaging chemicals and whatever chemicals that are in laminate tend to stay inside the board. This is because they are completely sealed from the outside which eliminates the possibility of any particles becoming airborne and affecting your health.

Eco-Friendly until the End

When the time comes to remodel and replace your old laminate flooring with new; this material continues to live up to its eco-friendly reputation. Floating floors are easy to remove without damaging the boards, allowing them to have a new life in another room.

When it’s time to remodel your home, consider laminate wood flooring, the eco-friendly choice.

Wood Floor Planet offers you its services!

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Armstrong Flooring: A Leading Healthy Wood Floor Manufacturing Firm

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A Wood Floor Planet suggests hardwood flooring that is environmental-friendly; fashionable and timeless. The Armstrong floor is a brand highly recommended by people who love wood.

Homeowners must be careful when choosing hardwood floors; they have to choose materials which will give them the best value for their money as well as will last for a long time.

Wood Floor Planet suggestions:

At Wood Floor Planet, our main concern is the environment and your health. Armstrong flooring have passed all the strict regulations that the US government it has established; since they are made of sustainable and environmentally healthy wood products.

The modern knowledge we offer our customers to meet their needs in the manufacture of organic products is our biggest focus today.

We have knowledge:

Wood Floor Planet offers knowledgeable assistance; environmental-friendly products plus expert installation services made possible by our licensed technicians.

So we have this unique definition of quality that requires us to look at what happens over the entire life of Armstrong flooring. By discussing with our customers their wants, goals and budget; mainly by means of asking them questions; we can eventually assist them to find the best products they want.

Products Armstrong

Armstrong Floor Products is number one in marketing and manufacturing of commercial and residential floor products. It has continuously gained market share and has raised the industry standard for resilient flooring performance.

To start with, let us introduce Armstrong and its family of brands Armstrong Bruce and Armstrong Robbins; which offer the widest ranging collection of wood floors that have passed the stringent scrutiny of the federal and state environmental and safety regulations and standards.

Our portfolio includes resilient sheet and tile; hardwood, laminates, and linoleum with targeted products for both residential and commercial applications; the type of floors that are currently in demand for those do it yourself consumers are installed without glue, such as the ArmaLock and SwiftLockson locking laminates.

Introduced by Armstrong in 2000; The ToughGuard™ vinyl sheet floor is manufactured with an innovative process, drastically improving and remarkably the durability of the residential vinyl sheet.

Respectful of the environment

A The original classic resilient floor; Linoleum, considered a “green” flooring product; returned to the us, as architects and designers; as well as for homeowners, then they require building materials that are more respectful of the environment and do not sacrifice color, vitality and design.

So where do you go from here; granted that Armstrong flooring is your best choice to install in homes and commercial spaces? To cut the chase in looking for reliable dealer; schedule an appointment to view the showroom of Wood Floor Planet, an EPA lead-safe certified firm in New York City.

Get the best deals for high quality wood floors in the market without any worries to think. Call (212) 252-3838 now to get the wood flooring that you deserve.

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