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Red Oak Rift and Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring

Posted on: June 30th, 2021 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Red Oak Rift and Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring – 5 Reasons you should consider it

Red Oak Rift and Quarter is a great alternative to white oak R&Q.

Rift & Quartered Red Oak hardwood flooring instead of White Oak can help save you money and give you the wood floor of your dreams!

  1. Price

Rift & Quarter White Oak compared to a Red Oak Rift & Quarter Sawn is significant! If you are staining the floor dark, this should be a NO-BRAINER!   The overwhelming majority of the population cannot tell the difference between white oak & red oak, especially when stained.

  1. Popularity

Has traditionally been the most popular flooring, but in (gag) Plain Sawn!  If you’re renovating  a home that currently has some red oak you shouldn’t mix it up with white oak. It typically doesn’t look good to mix within in the house. Keep the same species, but class it up with Rift & Quarter Sawn!

  1. Availability

White Oak is in high demand from the logs, to the lumber to the flooring.  There’s more supply of red  & that will keep your cost down.

  1. Rift Only

much easier to accumulate in Red Oak than White Oak – wide plank Rift. GO RED.  The medullary rays are more prominent in white oak. Because of this  you don’t have as much of the quartered figure, or tiger stripes in rift & quartered Red Oak as you do White Oak.

The clean straight grain of rift in wide plank  is very popular right now and it’s SO MUCH EASIER TO MAKE.  This will also SAVE YOU MONEY!

  1. Color

Not everyone wants the red color, but the natural variation we have because of the subspecies in Red Oak is absolutely beautiful. If you don’t like the red tint or the color variation it stains well and you can get the uniform color if you’re going medium to dark.


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