Wood floor repair: 7 common damages on Hardwood

Date Posted: 29 January 2021

Wood floor repair: 7 common damages on Hardwood

Wood Floor Repair: Are you having problems with your hardwood floors? See the 7 most common problems and how to solve each one.

Dry or peeling varnish

Over time it is natural for varnish or paint applied to wooden floors to dry out and look old or begin to peel. When this happens the solution is simple: remove the old varnish with a good sanding and apply new layers.

To avoid problems, it is preferable to use good brands and products with a longer shelf life. It is also good to carry out the cleaning indicated by the manufacturer in question, to guarantee the durability and protection of the varnish.

Scratched surfaces

On the surface of the floor they are also common, especially when you have children or pets in the house, and when the furniture does not have protection on the legs and is usually moved by dragging. These more superficial scratches are easily treated with sandpaper and new varnish application.

They can be treated in a timely manner, but it should be noted if only the scratched place is restored that there are no differences on the floor. If the varnish is too old to make the restoration and you want to have a homogeneous appearance, it is preferable to sand everything.

Scars, deep scratches and marks

On wooden floors they can also be restored with sandpaper. However, if those marks are very deep, more than the sandpaper can handle; or if the fibers of the wood chips have moved; it is better to opt for the replacement of the joint that compromises the structure of the floor.


Wood can be aged after a few years of use and can suffer discoloration and dryness; resulting in marks and stains. These defects cause this often unwanted appearance of the wood, but it is possible to repair wood flooring with this problem as well. The restoration of the floor removes all the signs of time, applying a varnish will renew the visual.


Stains on the floor can be caused by something that has been spilled or some material that has been in contact with it. Some stains can be removed with the use of specific products without the need to repair wood floors in depth; but when they are permanent, restoring the floor by changing its color can help minimize them.


You can discolor wood that has been in contact with harsh chemicals or sunlight and heat. When the floor is discolored this color difference between the plates can be improved by changing the color of the entire floor by taking a paint. But if you prefer to keep the original flooring, replace the gaskets that have worn out.

Mold or rot

For both, what causes the problem is humidity. Do not leave the wood submerged or in contact with water. That the environment is ventilated and check if the humidity does not come from the floor. It is important to control these factors, because the only solution to wood rot is to replace the affected joint; but it will only work if the causes are addressed.

When you notice a problem and don’t know how to repair wood flooring; talk to the team of a specialized company to be sure how to proceed without damaging the wood in the restoration of the floor. At Wood Floor Planet we are ready to help you, we always provide our best service!

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