Wood Flooring Installation

Date Posted: 4 November 2020

If you want to change the look of a room, change the floors. Flooring can make your space look instantly cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, more intimate, cozier and more luxe.

Quality installation made by professionals that make a world of difference in the appearance of your flooring.

An installation done right can make budget-friendly flooring look high-end, but conversely, a second-rate installation can leave even the best flooring with obvious seams, lumps, gapping and other issues. You will want to guarantee a clean and beautiful installation that will last for years.

Wood Floor Planet counts with an amazing group of Professionals installers that can draw on their training and years of experience. A high level of expertise will come in handy when deciding how to secure the floor.

Acclimating the new flooring to your home, a process that involves exposing the wood to air. Acclimation allows the wood to expand and contract while adjusting to the new environment, which is necessary before installation.

Creating room for your new floor is also important; your old floor has to make room for the new one, and this might involve the temporary removal of baseboards and moldings. Our Professionals installers will provide advice on which option between removing and replacing your old floor and installing directly over it would benefit your interests best.

If removal and replacement is the best choice, they will help you decide the best time to remove the flooring as well as its disposal

We will also evaluate every affected door for clearance over your new floor. Some doors might require temporary removal or shaving to clear the new hardwood floor.

Once the floor is in place, we always collect and remove all the waste before cleaning the installation area.

Your flooring directly impacts the way you experience your home. Flooring can affect acoustics in a family room or home office, letting you enjoy family time or work more. It can make it easier to walk around barefoot or in slippers. And  can even help make your space more attractive to buyers.

By hiring a flooring professional, you have more time for the more important things. You can go to work and run errands while our installers finish your flooring. Which is a guarantee that they’ll get the job done in one go. We Count with the necessary equipment to the job site. You don’t have to concern yourself with spending time and money to collect the equipment that you need.

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