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RIVA Core: Riva takes the lead with exotic teak

Posted on: July 8th, 2023 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

RIVA Takes the lead with exotic teak in the face of birch shortage

To both counter the socioeconomic challenges brought on by the war in Eastern Europe and meet the needs of discerning customers; RIVA announces the new RIVA Core®.



The new product is a redesigned versión of its renowned RIVA engineered hardwood floors. The latest innovation features a three-ply construction, maintaning the 100% European White oak top layer; a new exotic teak intermediate layer and pine bottom layer.



The upgrade, in addition to the D4 phenolic glue and Bona® matte lacquer finish; showcases RIVA’s commitment to maintain the highest quality and design standars, placing the Company at the Forefront of the industry.





After conducting numerous tests that measured resistance to moisture, temperatura changes, stress, and durability, we determined that exotic teak was the optimal species to redesign our product.

To discover more about RIVA Core® or if you like to receive a sample,
visit our showrooms at New York and New Jersey


Wood Floor Planet


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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: June 12th, 2023 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

What do we mean when we say “engineered hardwood flooring”?

When talking about hardwood flooring, what do we mean when we say “engineered”? Many people have that wrong connotation when it comes to engineered wood floors.

They would often regard “engineered” as something “fabricated”. The fact is that engineered wood floor is usually composed of one hundred percent hardwood.


Every piece consists of three up to nine wood plies which are strategically bonded altogether through pressure and heat methods.

Most of the time; the top layer or wear-layer is the visible wood species while underneath the surface layer is made up of more stable wood species like birch.

With this kind of composition. It will be easier and more convenient for you to install it. Below or at ground level, at the top of a concrete material; at a heat source that comes radiating, and any other types of hardwood covering like tiles and vinyl. With such things in mind; there is no wonder why a great deal of people in the United States take time to spend on engineered hardwood flooring to come up with enhanced homes and properties at a lesser price and similar quality.

Moisture Resistant

Compared to solid hardwood, engineered flooring is more resistant to moisture.

This means that chances of expanding and contracting are less likely. To happen with engineered wood floors. They are also distributed to in ready to install options; allowing buyers to have them installed immediately upon purchase.

The fact that engineered wood is fully hardwood; one gets the benefits offered by solid hardwoods. In fact, the top layer of this kind of flooring has been cut using the rotary cut method.

The sawn wear surface will result in a natural hardwood appearance. The rotary peel on the other hand is a hardwood layer (veneer) removed from the log with the use of a large lathe.

Durable and Long Lasting

Like any other types of hardwood floors, engineered flooring can actually last from thirty up to a hundred years depending on the wood brand being used.

Keep in mind that there are certain engineered brands which can be sanded while others do not allow sanding. Generally; engineered floors with thin layers should never be sanded especially when they start to wear.

When wearing of the floor takes place, what you just need to employ is to recoat it to prevent further damage. For those types of engineered floors that have three millimeters thickness and more, sanding is allowed from two to three times during its lifetime. By doing so, you will have the benefit of treating certain parts of the floor that need to be refinished to allow it to get back to its former look.

Can Be Installed Below Grade

Since many of the homes in the United States come with basements, the use of engineered floor is very popular. This is because such type of floor is constructed the cross-ply way. This is something which can never be achieved from using solid wood floors as they can only be installed on or above grades only.

Additionally; the versatility of engineered wood floors is also great in the sense that they can also be installed on concrete and this again, is not possible with solid wood floors.

Excellent for High Rise Buildings

New York and other great cities in the United States are generally dotted with so many high-rise buildings.

Many of these buildings are as high as thirty; forty, fifty, up to one hundred floors. Because of these; builders and contractors often choose engineered wood floors. Simply because it is much lighter compared to other types of flooring options such as concrete, solid wood, etc.

Can be installed over Sub-floors

There are times when homeowners prefer not to remove their existing flooring and because of this; their job is to look for wood flooring options that can be installed directly over their existing hard floor surfaces like ceramic tiles. This kind of problem can be easily shouldered with the use of engineered flooring option.

The Best US Wood Floor Provider

In the United States. Wood Floor Planet is a very popular name in terms of providing high quality wood floors around the country. They carry a myriad of engineered wood floor brands which are considered as the best of their kinds. Some of the best choices for engineered wood floor brands include Mirage, Kahrs, Triangulo, Indusparquet, etc.

So for your engineered flooring needs, Wood Floor Planet is simply the best place to shop!


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Home Preparation Before Wood Floor Sanding

Posted on: May 15th, 2023 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

How To Prepare My Home For a Sanding Service?

Unfortunately, sanding is popular for being a messy and stressful experience, but this is only half of the truth, because the process can run really smoothly, almost-completely dust-free and entirely stress-free and to this contributes the good preparation too.

Let’s say that you are already at the point considering initiating a wood floor restoration service. In order to ensure a smooth experience and be able to enjoy great results, you need to consider a proper preparation, no matter if you are hiring a specialist contractor or you are DIY-ing.

Wood floor sanding pre-steps checklist:

Plan ahead:

Scheduling the whole process will help you a lot and minimize the disruption to the day-to-day life of the whole household. In fact, home renovation services never feel like visiting a SPA salon; but you can always make sure to make the whole experience as smooth and bearable as possible. If you are hiring a professional contractor, make sure to ask for the schedule the sanding team will follow.

If you are planning it as a DIY project, your schedule depends on you, so be smart with it. Furthermore, although there is no need to do so, but if you feel that the members of your household won’t feel good at home, while the sanding process is running, book a hotel room for a few days.

Remove furniture and rugs:

It is very important to relocate all furniture pieces, decorations, hanging art, rugs and small knick-knacks outside the room, where refinishing is planned.

Stock on plastic sheets:

Although modern sanding methods guarantee almost completely dust-free experience; make sure to cover windows and doors with plastic sheets that will work as a good barrier for saw dust entering the rest of the house.

Ensure good ventilation:

The drying process after the final application of finishing product can take up to a couple of weeks. The better ventilation you have in the room, the faster the finish will get dry.


Pre-cleaning your floor is as important as cleaning after each stage of the sanding process. You do not want dust and dirt particles scratching the bare wood or staying trapped in the finish forever, right? Use a powerful vacuum machine and a mop damped into a bit of water and a cleaning product that is designed for wood flooring only.


While estimating the condition of your floor. Look around for popping head of nail and hammer them down; otherwise the sanding machine can catch them later and leave serious dents and scratches.

All minor repairs your floor. Might need are recommended to be finished before the sanding process starts. Including gap filling; nailing or gluing down loose boards, etc.


Wood Floor Planet

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Signs that my wooden floor needs a Sanding and Refinishing treatment

Posted on: April 8th, 2023 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Sanding and Refinishing of Wood Floors

Many owners feel the confusion of not knowing the exact time a wooden floor is in serious need a Sanding and Refinishing Treatment.

We wouldn’t blame them, although floor sanding service is not rocket science; it is still a controversial. Confusing and even intimidating topic that is hard to analyse for the untrained and unprofessional eye.

Estimating the current condition of the floorboards is not a skill and knowledge you are born with; so even with the slightest feeling of you not being completely sure; consider discussing the topic with a reliable and experienced contractor and ask for inspecting and estimating your wooden floor. In fact, even when there are any noticeable and dramatic issues and imperfections; your floor might be in need of some extra attention, so do not underestimate the importance of professional advice and recommendations.

Next, if you feel confident enough to inspect your own floor and look for signs of wear and tear and other imperfections; here is what you will expect to notice:

Worn finish: The main idea of floor sanding is stripping off the top layer of your floor that is mainly a floor finish. With time and due to a number of factors, mainly due to high traffic, heavy footfall, everyday use, etc; and the finish will start experience wear and tear to the point; where if you neglect it for longer you can start noticing spots and patches of completely bare wood, where the protective power of the finish is weakened, or does not exist at all. Remember that you need to re-finish your floor with the same type of finish applied previously.

If you are not sure about the type of finish, here is how you can identify:

  • Scratch a small hidden spot of the surface with a coin or a metal object. If it chips off; this is a surface finish like varnish or lacquer.

Otherwise, you can place a few drops of water on the floor and if white spots do appear you have a penetrating finish (oil-based or wax). You can identify wax finish by wiping an inconspicuous spot with a white rag with a small amount of ammonia. If the rag turns yellow or brownish. Your finish is wax.

  • Chipping, flaking and bubbling are signs of worn or damaged finish too.
  • Fine scratches and surface stains affect the entire appearance of your floor. You can get rid of them with the help of sanding.
  • Dullness or fading of the original colour can be results of high traffic or sun exposure. These imperfections usually affect the surface finish only and can be easily removed along the sanding process.

Generally, a sad, tired and worn look is a sign reminding you that re-sanding is much needed. In case your wooden floor looks like a patchwork quilt and this is not your genuine intention and liking. In order to get a uniform, even, smooth and fresh look. Refinishing is the way to go.

How Sanding Will Help For Wood Floor Improvement?

Sanding is the process of stripping off the top surface layer of your wooden floor with the help of varying in density and intensity of grain sanding paper.

While removing the worn finish. It can also remove a thin layer of the top of the bare wood underneath. In case it is needed and depending on the thickness of the wooden boards. It’s recommended every now and then, while it can happen up to 6-7 times in a life of solid wood timber. Up to 4 times in a life of engineered wood planks.

The improvement method is also recommended for newly installed. Unfinished wooden boards; because the process opens the pores of wood’s structure and the finishing product can be absorbed better. Adding a lot of strength and protection.


Wood Floor Planet

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Hardwood Flooring in Bedrooms Review

Posted on: March 17th, 2023 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Hardwood Flooring in Bedrooms Review: Pros and Cons

Except for kitchens, bathrooms, and other damp areas, hardwood flooring is a classic material generally regarded as a premium flooring for almost any room in the house. Bedrooms are no exception.

While the warmth, coziness, and sound-dampening qualities of carpeting are quite popular in bedrooms, many homeowners are now removing carpeting in bedrooms to either expose the existing hardwood or lay solid hardwood or engineered hardwood planks during remodeling projects.

The visual warmth and natural appeal of real wood make it very appealing from a design perspective.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring comes in several different types:

Solid unfinished planks: Traditionally, solid hardwood flooring boards were installed, then stained and finished in place. This type of hardwood can be sanded down and refinished several times over the life of the floor; but it has gradually lost its popularity to prefinished hardwood products.

Solid prefinished planks: This form of solid hardwood has been prestained and top-coated by the manufacturer; which makes for an easier, faster installation. However, prefinished hardwood flooring is sometimes milled so that the planks have slightly beveled edges, creating channels between boards that can collect dirt, dust, and pollen.

Engineered planks: In this form of hardwood. A relatively thin veneer of hardwood is bonded to a base of plywood or MDF. This type of flooring is always prefinished and is often created with a “click-lock” system in which the planks interlock at the edges. This type of floor usually “floats” over a thin foam underlayment placed over the subfloor. This form of hardwood is the easiest for DIYers to install.

Maintenance and Repair

Hardwood flooring is among the easiest of floorings to maintain. Simple sweeping and wiping with a dry cloth will keep dirt and dust at bay, and there are no places for dirt to hide. Hardwood flooring will, however, need to be refinished at some point—a process that can range from a simple reapplication of varnish to full stripping; sanding, and application of a new top-coat.

But a hardwood floor kept clean may go decades before refinishing of any kind is needed, especially in bedrooms, which see relatively light foot traffic. And the simple fact that solid hardwood flooring can be refinished is one of its main advantages. Carpeting typically needs to be replaced every 10 years or so; while hardwood floors have been known to last as long as the house itself.


Hardwood has been used as a flooring material for centuries, and despite radical shifts in trends and times. It has never gone out of style.

A bedroom is a place that people often feel compelled to “recreate” every few months with a new design. One big advantage of hardwood is that it will look amazing with just about any decorative treatment you use.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Generally speaking, hardwood floors are more difficult for DIYers to install than other non-carpet flooring options. Such as laminate, vinyl, or even ceramic tile. Solid hardwood planks, especially, are best installed by professionals. The process involves “blind-nailing”. The boards down one at a time by driving nails through the edges of the boards and into the subfloor.

However, engineered hardwood flooring materials are increasingly popular. These products normally use a “click-lock” assembly method that is considerably. Easier than the blind-nailing process used to install solid hardwood planks.

Be aware, though. That these engineered hardwood flooring products do not have the longevity of solid hardwood plank floors;&nbsp. Most cannot be sanded and refinished multiple times, as you can with solid hardwood flooring.


Wood Floor Planet


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Top 3 Hardwood Floor Textures

Posted on: February 6th, 2023 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Best hardwood floor textures

The textures of a hardwood floor can add a lot to a décor. It can accentuate the elegance or add to the warmth of a more casual setting. A variety of hardwood flooring textures are available on the market.

Let’s take a look at the top 3


Nature’s classic elegance, expressed simply.

A very delicate sanding gives wood a silky texture with classic allure while highlighting the grain. Smooth is a timeless texture that is still the most popular in hardwood flooring.

Open grain

The uniqueness of wood shines through

Every wood species is unique, and this is what makes the material so warm and rich. A species’ cellular structure influences its appearance and, in some cases, its texture as a hardwood floor.

Open-grain woods may appear coarser than closed-grain woods because the surface isn’t as smooth. When the wood is sawn, the pores are split, creating beautiful little rifts and valleys. This open-grain pattern stands out even more when dark stain is applied, but is still noticeable with lighter shades.

Hand Scraped

Uniquely perfect imperfection

Hand Scraped texture, sometime called “Wave”, ranges from subtle to extreme, and from repetitive to more authentic pattern, depending on the method used and the desired end result.

Remember that each manufacturer has its own Hand Scraped process, so one manufacturer’s Hand Scraped flooring will look different from the others’.

Plus you should NOT expect your delivered flooring to look exactly like the small sample you saw at a flooring retail store. The beauty of real hand scraped flooring is that it’s meant to look antiqued, so no two pieces will be exactly the same.

While this texture is ideal for rustic décors, it also creates a nice contrast in modern rooms and adds casual appeal to traditional settings.


Wood Floor Planet

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Floor curing and drying time

Posted on: January 23rd, 2023 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

After the curing process, people often ask, when can we walk on the floors? o When can we put the rugs and furniture back?

In the flooring installation process, curing time is the time it takes for all solvents or liquid carriers to evaporate from the finish. For vapors and odor to cease, and for it to fully harden.

However, it will also depend on the type of finish system you choose. As well as temperature, airflow and humidity levels.

Once a floor has fully cured. It can undergo long-term normal wear and tear without having to worry too much about damaging it.

You don’t need to wait for a floor to fully cure to move in and replace all of your furniture and carpeting. Your floors will be durable enough long before the full cure time.

After the curing time. The drying time is carried out, it is when a finish has dried and cured enough so that it does not suffer any damage when carefully walking on it.

During this time, floors are very susceptible to contaminants such as foreign dirt and oils adhering to the soles of shoes and feet.

Water and other liquids like dog urine also count as damaging agents for your floor.

After the final coat is complete, we recommend that the floors be clear of traffic for a full 24 hours.

This will allow the entire finish to dry enough that you can walk on it without damaging it.

When can carpets and furniture be replaced?

Within 24 hours, you can carefully replace your furniture; but this will depend on the type of material used for the finish.

Being very careful with rolling and sliding chairs during the curing time is also necessary; in this way we avoid scratches on our new investment.

As far as the carpets go, we would really like to see a full week go by before they are laid on newly refinished floors.

Allow sufficient time for solvents and liquids used in the finish to evaporate unimpeded and for the floor to cure.

But just as with furniture, after 24 hours you can place them, taking into account the expert’s recommendations.



Naperville Hardwood

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Remodel at low cost

Posted on: December 15th, 2022 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

How to remodel at low cost?

If you are looking to remodel at low cost. Painting the floor can be the cheapest and fastest solution you can use to have a floor remodel.

If your economy does not allow you to change floors, choosing to paint the one that is already there is an excellent idea. The advantages are incredible and it will save you money.

Achieve amplitude or reduction, painted floors can deceive the eye.
Painted floors can create some clever optical illusions. If you have white or light-colored walls, paint the floors to match to make the space feel much larger.

Choose paint with a brighter gloss or add a gloss top coat to bring in more light. Or, choose a color that is darker than the walls and ceiling to visually cement a space and add drama. They are infinitely customizable.

On the other hand, painted floors do not need to be solid. Use painter’s tape to create painted checkerboards, patterns, borders, or “rugs.” You can also delineate the space by painting areas in different shades. The effectiveness of this option is that it gives freedom to the imagination, achieving dazzling finishes with just customization.

Painting floors is cheap

Compared to the cost of laying a whole new floor, painting old floors is incredibly inexpensive: all you need is a gallon or a few of paint, depending on the size to be painted, plus primer and supplies.

And over time… Worry about the wear it may have, the solution is simple just add more paint.

No need to worry too much about wear and tear. When your floors start to lose their shine, simply add another coat of paint, or a few touch-ups, and you’ll be back to a like-new floor.

Painted hardwood floors are most often associated with seaside cottages, where they originated for their uncomplicated practicality, but painting can be done not only on hardwood floors but also on tile, concrete, plywood, and even linoleum.

I did not wait any longer, nor did I spend more with professionals, you will be able to have a flat like new with a low investment.


Wood Floor Planet


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Boen floor the best for you

Posted on: November 10th, 2022 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Choose a boen floor for your home

There are so many options when it comes to hardwood floors. Whether you’re looking for a classic parquet pattern, a rustic stonewashed look or a 3-strip floor that enhances the space. With a wide range of colors to choose from, including greys, whites and smoked oak, Boen is a type of flooring designed to suit any style.

Durable and sustainable

The floors are sturdy and practical, making them ideal for installation in almost any room in your home.

This type of wooden flooring is also suitable for underfloor heating, making it ideal in the modern home.

When you choose a boen wood floor, you choose quality, innovation and respect for nature.

It has an extensive list of benefits

It has a wide selection of quality hardwoods, including oak, maple, hickory, birch, and hickory.

Vivid natural oil finish:

The company’s production process combines oils such as sunflower, thistle and soybean with Carnauba and Candelilla waxes. This process offers extremely good liquid protection!

How to maintain the shine of your Boen hardwood floor

For regular maintenance, be sure to clean your floors with Boen Soap. For high traffic areas treat once a month and for low traffic areas you can do it once or twice a year depending on your needs.

Pure finish, we are talking about a special finish that gives the wood the look and feel.

Being untreated and unfinished, it has excellent protective properties against dirt, dust and liquids.

This finish is also very easy to maintain. Simply clean with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Occasionally use Boen Soap. Once or twice a year depending on the areas traffic levels.

Wood floors come from nature. Beautiful natural tones surround us in our homes and work spaces, thanks to the way we have managed to preserve and bring their benefits and characteristics to our daily lives.

If you were in a dilemma about which wood floor was the best, we recommend using Boen wood floors, don’t wait any longer and decide now.


Wood Floor Planet

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Green floor: Take care of the environment!

Posted on: October 6th, 2022 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Take care of the environment by choosing a green floor

We present a more ecological and healthy alternative for the environment: a green floor!

Generally when we install our floor most of the time we choose hardwood floors; without thinking about the ecological damage we cause.

That is why we present a more ecological and healthy alternative for the environment.

Bamboo known to have faster regeneration than a tree because where trees can take decades to grow bamboo takes about five years to restore. Once the bamboo has been harvested. The root of the bamboo grass is not damaged so it can self-regenerate meaning that it does not need to be re-planted like trees.

Bamboo grows quickly and naturally in its native environment so there is no need for fertiliser or irrigation systems
Bamboo forests are never harvested all at once; ensuring that there are abundant and healthy crops ready for harvest each year
Bamboo forests are carefully harvested by hand to ensure there is no damage or harm to the surrounding environment.

The aforementioned are ecological features; but you may wonder what benefit they will have in your home:

Resistant to abrasion, chemicals and stains, fire, bleeding and oiling. In addition, they prevent electrostatics.

Another favorable feature of bamboo floors is that they can be installed in a very short time. This being very convenient, since it comes ready and finished. There is no need to polish; sand and give additional finishes such as wood, which take up a lot of time, up to months for its installation.

Once installed, it can be nailed or glued down. Except for the above. Bamboo flooring has better grain and is more elegant and graceful than hardwood flooring.

If you are one of the people who wants to take care of the environment. This option for your home is the best.
And even better than that are the professionals at WOOD FLOOR PLANET who will achieve an impeccable finish on your new ecological floor. Do not hesitate and contact us them now.


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Essential materials for your floor

Posted on: September 1st, 2022 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Is important that you correctly choose the construction materials for your floor

The remodeling of the floors is a decisive moment for any home; as it is a change that makes the environment more vital and the space looks completely renovated. That is why it is important that you correctly choose the construction materials that will be part of this project.

In this article we show you what are the remodeling materials that cannot be missing when remodeling your floors.

This is hands down #1 on your flooring remodeling checklist.

Choose the floor according to the space you plan to remodel and determine. The amount of material you need according to the square meters it measures.

To calculate the square meters you only have to multiply side by side of the space. You are going to remodel.

For example, if your room is 5 m long by 3 m wide, then 5 x 3 = 15, your room is 15 m2. We recommend that you buy 15% more material than your space measures; in this case. For a space of 15 m2; the ideal is that you buy 17.5 m2 of ceramic or porcelain, as the case may be.

Without the glue, nothing would be possible; since it is the material that is used in the first place for the remodeling of your floors.

There are different brands of glue on the market. However to choose the ideal one you must take into account that it is low in powder (which is beneficial for the health of the person in charge of the work and the people. Who are at home at the time of the remodeling ). That is ready to use and has a good consistency to work more easily.

The grout or grout is the material seen between each tile, popularly known as joints. This material is essential for the remodeling project of your floors and ideally. When choosing it, the grout or grout has a tone that is closest to the color of your tiles.

It is important that you make sure you choose the best grout or grout. Since the joints are visible and become part of the design and the final result of the remodeling of your home.

This material gives the final touch to the remodeling of your floors. A final construction cleaner is used once the tiles are installed. Is intended to remove residue and debris left on the floors so that the newly completed work remains sparkling.


Wood Floor Planet

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The best floor for your terrace

Posted on: August 23rd, 2022 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

How to know that is the best floor for my terrace?

It is important that before buying the materials to remodel your terrace. You define what style you want it to have. For this you must first define what activities you prefer to do there.

Ask yourself if the use you will give it is for gardening. To cook barbecues; to exercise or to read and relax. Depending on the answer you will be able to identify which style is the right one for your terrace.

Once you are clear about which style is best for your terrace. It is time to choose the floors that will serve as coating for the surfaces. We recommend you opt for marble-type. Stone-type or wood-type ceramic tiles, since they are the ones with the most natural appearance.

Generally, the floors are exposed to the elements. This means that they will permanently receive the sun’s rays or rainwater. That is why it is very important that the floors you choose are resistant to moisture and are manufactured for these climatic conditions.

Size of your terrace

If the terrace or patio is small, we recommend that you apply the coating strategically on one or two prominent walls and on the remaining walls you decide on a much more neutral finish, for example completely painting the surface.

In addition to giving beauty and change to your home, all remodeling must be functional and generate security for the inhabitants of the house. That is why we recommend that you make sure that the floors of your patio or terrace are non-slip; in this way you will avoid accidents if they are wet.

Make this a place to enjoy the outdoors, relax and refresh your home.

How to keep hardwood floors Dust-Free by Wood Floor Planet for any job with wood floors we are experts!

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