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Flooring to Avoid With Pets

Posted on: November 11th, 2020 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Before choosing your flooring there’s two important considerations to think about:


No matter how well-trained your pets, accidents happen; food and water can spill out of their bowls, they can bring in mud on their feet and legs, create a mess after a bath or swim, and let’s not forget that some dogs drool, a lot.

Some floors can be permanently damaged by even a small amount of water if it is not cleaned up immediately. Waterproof, or at least floors with a high level of water-resistance, are necessary for any pet-home.


Dogs and cats’ nails make contact with the ground when they walk. Pet-friendly flooring should be scratch-resistant since there is not any such thing as scratch proof. This generally means hard floors. It is also a good idea to look for floors with a strong protective layer on top,

If you plan to install new flooring, and one of your goals is that it should be pet-friendly, some flooring types are best avoided.

  • Carpet

First, and probably most obvious of these, is carpet; and many pet owners will agree, is easily the worst type of flooring for pets, especially thick, plush carpets, unless you choose a carpet specially designed for pet owners. It wears extremely quickly, is easily damaged by urine, stains easily, attracts hair and is difficult to clean. Even without pets, carpets are still a major source of frustration and mantaince.

  • Solid hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring should also be avoided. Pet accidents or spills can permanently damage and warp them. Is not recommended because these supple floors tend to be easily damaged by pets’ nails, and any kinds of spills can cause permanent damage and staining. If the spill is big enough, the floor can even become warped.

  • Laminate hardwood

Laminate has not traditionally been considered a good choice for pets. It can warp if it gets wet unless you manage to get your hands on one of the waterproof laminate options manufactured recently.

Plus, its texture can be slippery for pets. This can be troublesome, especially for dogs who may be prone to hip injuries. However, recent technological advancements in the industry have spurred us to review a few dog-friendly laminate flooring options.


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3 Tips to ensure your wood flooring lasts longer

Posted on: March 3rd, 2020 by Carliuska Gonzalez No Comments

Here are three ways to keep your wood flooring looking brand new for longer.

All well-made and properly installed wood floor shows that you care about your home or business. These tips will help you to keep a long lasting and high quality wood flooring.

The Supplier

As you probably know, if you buy a low quality and cheap product you are going to end up with some pretty bad results.


That’s why at Wood Floor Planet; we provide useful advice to both contractors and architects around the US territories; from the time we have started in this business more than 30 years by now!

The Contractor (Installation)

You might have the highest quality wood floor on the market; but if it isn’t installed correctly you will have the same poor results as you would have had with an inferior wood floor.

Wood Floor Planet Inc., is a floor company that thrives on exceeding customer satisfaction to the highest degree.
We have a team of highly professional individuals that are experts in all aspects of wood floor installations and applications.

The Maintenance

Once you have the perfect floor; with materials supplied from Wood Floor Planet Inc and installation done by a recommended contractor; it’s important to make sure your floor lasts and looks good.

The best way to care for your wood floor after installation is to use the products recommended by the manufacturer; to help repair any scuffs and scratches. One of the cleaning systems developed for the experts in hardwood floor care is the Bona Deep Clean System. Please contact Wood Floor Planet for more information on Bona and other innovative cleaning solutions.

We aim to provide you with the best products for cleaning and maintaining your wood flooring, whether in your home or a commercial property.

Wood Floor Planet

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Parquet Floors: What Every Homeowner Should Know About

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by wfp_admin No Comments

Parquet floors are among the most popular wood flooring materials in residential structures for good reasons. These wooden floors are known for their durability, strength and stability as well as beauty; especially with the various colors, patterns and textures available.

Of course, only the best in quality parquet flooring products will deliver on these enviable qualities – and this is where Solidfloor comes in. Solidfloor has a wide range of parquet flooring products available in terms of wood used patterns applied, and grading. Every need and want in parquetry will be addressed by Solidfloor yet another; reason why it is the most reliable supplier of wood flooring solutions.

Parquet floors, Solidfloor, wood flooring

First, let’s talk about the basics. Parquetry refers to the geometric arrangement (i.e., mosaic) of wood pieces to achieve a decorative effect while also providing for the benefits of durability; strength and stability expected in wooden floors. Parquet patterns are completely angular and geometrical in triangles; squares, and lozenges; natural and curved shapes are the domain of marquetry.

Parquet floors are classified in several ways including composition; wood material, and grade. These should be considered; when choosing the right parquet flooring; such as making the choice between ash and oak floors for homes; offices, and retail spaces, even in gyms.

In terms of composition, parquet flooring products come in:

  • Classical composition with patterns like brick, diagonal basket, square basket, single herringbone, and double herringbone.
  • Mosaic composition with creative patterns that customized; although the ready-to-install patterns are already beautiful in appearance. Examples include patterns that evoke stairs; stars, and basket weaves, among others.

Parquet floors from Solidfloor come in two wood varieties:

  • Oak floors are the most reliable type because of their excellent mechanical properties; innate durable construction, and beautiful appearance. Slavonian oak is the; type used by Solidfloor here.
  • Ash floors come in white to pale yellow hues. With its bright appearance and durable hardness coupled with its great strength, ash floors are suitable for high-traffic areas including stores; gyms, and schools although many homeowners also prefer them in their homes.

Parquet flooring products are usually adhered with cold adhesives. Bear in mind that professional installation is a must for these wooden flooring products to ensure that their beauty, durability and stability are intact upon application.

When choosing from among the wide range of parquet floors with the Solidfloor brand; you have to closely work with Wood Floor Planet’s flooring experts. Your choice in the product should be the right one at the first instance because; once installed, these become permanent installations; removing and replacing the boards will be costly.

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Choosing Hardwood Floor Color

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 by wfp_admin No Comments

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Choosing hardwood floor color can create a stunning addition. Wood flooring is a traditional flooring alternative for every homeowner; installers and interior designers. Its a cliché that you wont ever go wrong when you install hardwood floor.

Whatever you have in mind for your interior design; its impossible not to find the hardwood floor color that suits your style and taste; considering the endless wide selection of stains and finishing to bring out the desired color.

Here are tips on choosing hardwood floor color to keep you at the right side of your interior design project.

Tips that you must apply of choosing floor color:

  • Complementing Color: Choose the hardwood floor color that goes along with the overall interior design palette. Do this by choosing the largest interior architectural features. These could be the fireplace, wooden stairs, cabinetry, etc. Find a color that simply complements with that specific large aspect.


  • Color Variation vs: Consistency. Color variation on the surface of the wood floor is just natural; even the same wood floor species may look differently. By having natural oil finish; the color variation on its surface can be pretty apparent. Having the floorboard stained will create a monochromatic look to its design while minimizing the visibility of any color variation. If uniformity concerns you; then choose stain floorboards for your interior. Modern contemporary styles often use the naturally oil finished planks while the stained floorboards are known for traditional architectural design.

Samples to compare and choosing

  • Light Colored vs. Dark Colored Stain. In choosing hardwood floor color; take into consideration the amount of interior space. Light colored stain is recommended for smaller space while dark color stained is ideal for large spaces. Using light colored stained floorboards creates an illusion of more spacious and airy feel in any interior. Having dark colored stained planks work well in an interior that has a lot of light and are sought after for modern and chic interior or urban condos.


  • Bring home floor samples to compare and decide which one works along well with the walls and woodwork. Check which one looks well with furniture and adjoining floors; in broad daylight and evening artificial light. Also, get a feel of each floor sample the moment you enter the room.

Take note that you can have endless of possibilities for hardwood floor colors considering the wide-range selection; of stains and finishes on the floorboards. Taking into consideration numerous factors before coming up with a decision is better; than randomly choosing the hardwood floor color that you fancy. After all; the result should be pleasing in your eyes and not otherwise.

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