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Floating a floor over existing floors

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On this conversation we will be talking about floating a new floor over the existing floor, the pros and the cons. On the last blog we talked about the pros and cons of installing an engineered floor over the existing floor; but in this conversation I want to cover some details that may save you from some headaches installing a floating floor over the existing floor.


Number one; you must make sure that the existing floor is properly hooked to the subfloor or concrete substrate; If not, take your time to review the existing floor and solve all the problems of the vulnerable and loose areas to avoid as much movement and noise as possible.

If it is a parquet that exists; Take your time to review each tile and make sure the tile is securely fastened to the subfloor or substrate.

When floating on a floor, most manufacturers do not recommend installing in the rooms without installing a transition piece on the door; This type of restriction is a bit of a detour for me.

Secondly; they do not recommend installing any cabinet or built-in accessories on a floating floor; so first I would have to install cabinets in their built-in accessories and then install the floor up to the cabinet or the built-in accessories; and it may require a small molding depending on how tight the floor installer can reach the cabinets.

Also, keep in mind that most manufacturers only give 1/8 “of tolerance to irregularity; So what that means is that your existing floor should be fairly uniform and flat; and in my opinion; Most of the time, 1/8 “of an inch is impossible.

Now for a couple of professionals; It will save you some money by not having to remove the existing floor where it can be expensive; and second, it can be less expensive to install a floating floor because you will not need the expensive adhesives that would be needed to install an engineered floor; but keep in mind that you will still need a lower layer to place under your floor; but, only in most cases. In cases it is still less expensive.

I always advised to read the instructions and the guidelines that the manufacturer of floors provides in each box; it’s extremely important, it’s more important than getting the information on the Internet or anywhere else; even if the information is 100% correct.

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Installing an engineered floor over the existing engineered floor

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Wood Floor Planet Inc. Showroom at 425 W 46th St. New York, NY 10036 tel: 212-252-3838.

Wood Floor Planet Inc. Showroom at 425 W 46th St. New York, NY 10036. Phone: 212-252-3838.

We have always been asked, “Can I install wood floors designed on my existing wood floors”? And our first answer to this question; what we would always say, is: “follow the guidelines and instructions of the manufacturer”.

 However, with our experience of more than 30 years; We have some nuggets of wisdom in this area.

Situations to discuss to Installing:

The number one is that; we always recommend that existing wood floors be removed and that you start with a clean slate if the budget allows; the reason is or, if I must say, the reason is that it is number one; you have to make sure that the existing floor is securely fastened to the concrete substrate or the plywood sub-floor.

We are not talking about installing on vinyl flooring; vinyl or PVC cork, (that will be a different discussion), but most likely if the floor has been there for a prolonged period of time; there has been some vulnerability in the stability of the adherence to the subfloor and the existing floor; whether the existing adhesive starts to fail; or simply the nails of the existing floor begin to loosen.

We never really know the extent of this vulnerability to 100%, therefore; if your new installation is installed on one of these scenarios; There are likely to be problems with your new floor in the future.

Another reason why it is not desirable to install a new floor on the existing floor is due to the contraction and expansion; your new floor will expand and contract according to the existing floor (again, this is one of our multiple experiences in the last three years). decades The best solution for this situation is to install a rubber subfloor or a subfloor subfloor on the existing floor for its new installation.

There are other factors that we can discuss about the situation; but we will go for the next discussion. For more information and inquiries, contact Wood Floor Planet Inc. at 212-252-3838 or 201-330-0909.

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Mirage Engineered Flooring Review

Posted on: May 12th, 2016 by wfp_admin 2 Comments

Maple Havana, The Admiration Collection

Mirage quality has passed the test of time in the quality of manufacturing engineering.

Wood Floor Planet has been an authorized dealer of Mirage wood floors for over 10 years; consistently supplying Mirage brand wood Engineered Flooring to builders; contractors and the end user throughout the NYC and NJ area including Manhattan; Hoboken, Jersey City and West New York.

Wood Flooring Structure

First let’s start with the structure of your engineering products. The top layer, also known as the “clothing layer”, is a dry cutting method in which the hardwood is cut with precision to the desired thickness of a thickness of 4 mm, being one of the thickest wear layers in the floor industry; Each board is unique and there are no repetitive patterns. A 4 mm wear layer can be sanded 3 to 5 times in the future; (with the exception of the Mirage Lock in which we will do a separate review). Floor width

Mirage Flooring Widths

Then the available widths that the Mirage floor has to offer include 2-9 / 16 ‘, 3- 5/16’, 5 ‘, 6-1 / 2’ and have just released a width size of 7 to 3â “4â € ™ Now keep in mind that not all styles are available in all different widths, visit and check the sizes available by styles

All of the engineered construction type can be; installed by floating and gluing over concrete; or stapling over a plywood sub-floor. Please make sure to follow Mirage’s floor installation and instruction guidelines at

Hardwood Finish

Now let’s talk about the finish. The Nanolinx HD finish in our opinion is clearer and more wear resistant than the competition.

Nanolix HD and DuraMatt offer a commercial that is even more resistant to wear; but is designed for commercial use.

It also has antimicrobial agents for a more hygienic environment and easier to clean the floor. Its finish comes with a 35-year warranty on all residential applications. An extended 3-year commercial warranty on its Nanolinx HD Commercial and DuraMatt Commercial

Mirage Flooring Accessories

In addition Mirage also offers all accessories for their flooring including transition moldings; reducers and stair nosings. They also provide maintenance and touch-up kits for all their sku’s of colors.

Mirage floors is absolutely one of our favorites of wood floor manufacturers. For more information please visit one of our showrooms in Manhattan NY or Weehawken NJ, near Hoboken and Jersey City.

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